Four-Color Spotlight: Jesus Hates Zombies – Yea, Though I Walk, Vol. 2

Written & Lettered by Stephen Lindsay. Pencils & Inks by Daniel Thollin. Published by Alterna.

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Jesus Hates Zombies - Yea Though I Walk, Vol. 2
Let me say this right out the gate, I was raised in a very religious home. Every Sunday, my mom woke me up, fed me some pancakes, make sure I was in my “Sunday Best” (foolishly believing I looked good in white jeans), waited for my grandmother to arrive, and then drive 30 minutes to our church. It wasn’t a typical church. Our pastor was in a 1950s cover band, loved Rambo movies, and kinda’ dug Dungeons & Dragons. (Much to my mother’s dismay). He also figured God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and all the angels had a sense of humor. Indeed, it was this pastor’s outlook on Christianity that maintains my outlook on religion to this day. All this is a lead-in to say that I think he’d get a kick out of Jesus Hates Zombies. Yeah, it is violent. Yes, it is filled with all kinds of bad words. But, the violence is against the walking dead, fueled by an insatiable lust for living flesh. As for the bad words, none of them are blasphemous or in vain. In fact, upon my third reading I am pretty certain not a single commandment got broken. I mean, last time I checked there isn’t a Thou Shalt Not Brain Undead Babies, nor Thou Shalt Not Team-Up With Time-Traveling Abraham Lincoln.

Oh yeah I forgot, Honest Abe is in this book also. He hates Werewolves.

Here is the skinny, Stephen Lindsay and Daniel Thollin are nuts. They have to be. How else do you explain a comic about the son of God coming down to the Earth in order to save humanity (again) from ravenous evil. Then, team him up with a male stripper, a semi-retarded zombie “bro” named Laz, and the above mentioned time-traveling Abe Lincoln. The book is distilled insanity with a side dose of grand guignol, all it’s missing is a Goblin soundtrack. There is a larger plot with a zombified Angel and his devilish plans of world conquest. Not much is revealed in regards to this over-plot, but that doesn’t really matter. Stephen’s use of words makes for some sharp dialog and genuinely hilarious conversations between Jesus, King the stripper, and Abe Lincoln. A perfect mix of David Mamet vulgarity and Joss Whedon pop culture knowledge.

Daniel Thollin’s art has a hyper-energy that only adds to Stephen’s writing. At times it feels a little flat and perhaps rushed. But all that falls to the wayside when Daniel gets to cut loose with the undead baby violence. I am a tad ashamed to admit that I laughed out loud when the zombie babies started flying. While that probably explains my own dark view of comedy, I challenge anyone to read that two-page spread and not starting giggling like little kid watching Willie E Coyote falling for the millionth time. At $6.95, Jesus Hates Zombies – Yea Though I Walk, Vol. 2 is a damn fine value for your ever shrinking wallet. Don’t worry if you missed Vol.1, Yea Though I Walk Vol. 2 still reads without a hitch. But as both books together cost less than most single trades, I encourage you to grab both. Be ready, Volume 3 can’t be far behind.

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4 thoughts on “Four-Color Spotlight: Jesus Hates Zombies – Yea, Though I Walk, Vol. 2

  1. That is the best thing I think I have ever seen in the Jesus Vs. Zombies area! Hilarious! I will definitely be picking it up. Thanks for the review!

  2. Thank you! It is a pretty sweet read. Let me know what you think. Thanks for checking out my review.

  3. Yeah, Stephen Lindsay is just a great comic writer. I’ve grown attached to Jesus Vs. Zombies after loving his other project Inspector Ham and Eggs. Both are fantastic comic series. Highly recommend!

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