“Official” Romulan Ale Recipe

It seems like I get a request for this drink every 6 months or so. Might be how such cycles run, or how long it takes for the human body to purge the alcohol from the body. (Okay, so a new Trek movie helps).  Anyway, as requested (again)… Geek in the City’s sure-fire way to get you arrested in the United Federation of Planets:

Romulan Ale

– WARNING – This drink is made with Grain Alcohol (aka, Everclear)… While very little is used, this drink is not for the weak (or smart). Geek in the City© TM are not responsible for what you do during and after consumption of Romulan Ale… And remember, don’t drink and Warp!

Makes one 750ml bottle. (Give or take)

2 Cups Blue Curacao
1 Cup Clear Rum, no flavor or spice
1/2 Cup Grain Alcohol – (NOTE – You may substitute Vodka if you can’t get or do not want the Grain Alcohol – We use it in Geek Manor because we’re nuts).
1/2 Viso Will – (NOTE – If you can’t get Viso Will, you can use any Cranberry Lemonade, just know the color will be off, since Viso does not color their drinks).

Mix in a sealed bottle. Chill till ice cold. Serve. Die.
You may want to sample as you go as individual tastes differ.

There is a new addition to the fine and smooth Romulan Ale.

Now that real Absinthe is legal within the Federation, you can test your liver like never before with the Cort and Aaron tested Cloaking Device. What is this cocktail? Simple. One-part Romulan Ale. One part Absinthe. Mix. Shoot. Why call it the Cloaking Device? Simple, after a drink or two, you will be absolutely convinced you’re invisible!

Romulan Ale

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54 thoughts on ““Official” Romulan Ale Recipe

  1. Nice!

    A fine drink it is! But I still will have to defer to Dilithium as the better of the two.(but only because it’s my creation)

  2. Bah! You only say that because you like to date women with GHICH-raj! 🙂

  3. Don’t forget about other Star Trek drinks…

    Vulcan’s Blood
    1 shot Blue Curacao
    1 cup Orange Juice

    Shake well and serve over ice.


    Romulan’s Blood
    1 shot Blue Curacao
    1 shot Vodka
    1 cup Orange Juice

    Shake well and serve over ice.

  4. Brilliant. Will have to try this with vodka until I can get out of state again.

  5. They used to serve Romulan ale at the Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas. My friend and I stayed there and got drunk on it every night.

  6. They are? That’s great news. I thought it was such a poor move to close it right before this movie came out.

    The old one was very Berman era (TNG/DS9/VOY). If they reopen it, I’ll bet it has a much more TOS feel.

  7. Aaron-

    How about a “Warp Core Breach” recipe. I’ve found a couple on the net and even tried one of the recipes a couple of months ago but it seemed off.

  8. oh yummy! sadly i live in Utah so the alcohol sold here is very weak. and as to the st:experience. i went there on my honeymoon last year fir the sole reason of going to the experience again but it closed like a week before but happily they have reopened in just off Fremont street as of 5.8.09

  9. i’m looking forward to trying these recipes.
    Living in vegas, i was saddened by the closing of the experience, but as i last heard, they are still only talking of a reopening. I was recently at Fremont Street and there is no sign of it being there yet.

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  11. I made Romulan Ale last night for a party and upped the ante. I used equal parts of grain alcohol, Bacardi 151, blue curacao, and 2 parts lemonade. It was pretty epic, the bluer our tongues got had a direct correlation with our salaciousness. Thanks guys for helping me to get my friend to yack on her 30th bday. QUAPIA!!!!!

  12. hey you guys i need the bajorian brandy recipe. i know it’s got purple passion and you have to let it set in a dark closet for a month. please some one help

  13. In case anyone wanted a dang perfect recipe of the Warp Core Breach, see below. We make this often, and it is as good as it gets just shy of Star Trek Hilton in Vegas.

    How to Replicate a Warp Core Breach

    The Mix
    1/3 cup Bacardi Select,
    1/3 cup Bacardi Dark,
    (I used Myers Dark Rum, couldn’t find the Barcardi)
    1/3 cup Bacardi 151,
    1/2 cup Bacardi Limon,
    1/3 cup Captain Morgan
    (because they don’t make Bacardi Spice any more)
    1/2 cup Razzamatazz raspberry liqueur.
    Mix well.

    You’ll need
    Sobe Power 2 ½ 20oz. bottles

    Add 1 part mix to 3-4 parts Sobe Power, add ice and dry ice, and enjoy.

    CAUTION: Drink with a straw ONLY, unless you like frozen lips.

  14. Oh yea…. And get your self a fish bowl from your local pet store, wash very well. Put your dry ice in the bowl first, then pour in the drink.

    CAUTION: Keep your straw away from the dry ice, as inhaling CO2 gas is not fun, makes you cough a lot!!

  15. Tried this recipe this weekend for my Geek Party and wow…. All my guests loved it and I was sent into the kitchen a few times to mix up some more. Definitely a hit that will be repeated at every party henceforth.

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  24. Howdy! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward
    this post to him. Fairly certain he will
    have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Shouldn’t you have used “Romulan Ale Energy Drink” instead of Viso? lol
    Has anyone tried it?

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  28. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this
    site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized
    it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it
    and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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  30. I have a couple of requests for drink projects that I would like for you to try and recreate (if you haven’t already) that I don’t see mentioned on here..

    1st. Klingon Blood Wine

    2nd. Saurian Brandy

    3rd. Tranya

    Please let me know if you are successful. Thanks.

  31. What do you mean by 1/2 viso? How many cups? Milliliters? I used blue edition redbull and its tart just like a r9mulan would want it. The blue redbull is also what they used to make the romulan ale energy drink. It was awesome. 6oz glass got me snockered. I used 1 can blue redbull, 1/2 cup everclear, 1 cup bacardi clear rum, 2 cups Curacao. It was a little strong on the alcoholic taste. A spash more of redbull gave it a perfect blend. I’m drunk so hopefully my speech to text is working.

  32. Also your measurements are a little off. 750 milliliters is equivalent to a little over 3 cups and you have at least three and a half without the viso? Needs clarification.

  33. Sorry. I meant half a bottle. This recipe was written a long time ago, and is very informal. Mainly taste as you go.

  34. You say “chill till Ice cold.” As a very, very, very, very amateur mixologist, I’m a tad confused. Should I place it in the freezer? Thank you.

  35. Yeah, you can stick it in the freezer. There is so much alcohol, it won’t freeze. But adding ice after mixing isn’t a bad idea, as the drink is VERY strong.

  36. Just wanted to let you know, I tried this recipe out last night. Took it onto a party bus. Took a while for anyone to develop the courage to crack the bottle, but once they did, it was gone within ten minutes.

  37. Dit is dus ook zeker iets dat van invloed is. Wel is het zo dat in ieder geval iedere provider die u hier ziet het alles in 1 pakket heeft.

  38. Heh. Romulan Ale is meant to be quite strong, so Blue Curacao Liqueur is definitely the way to go.

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