“Official” Romulan Ale Recipe

It seems like I get a request for this drink every 6 months or so. Might be how such cycles run, or how long it takes for the human body to purge the alcohol from the body. (Okay, so a new Trek movie helps).  Anyway, as requested (again)… Geek in the City’s sure-fire way to get you arrested in the United Federation of Planets:

Romulan Ale

– WARNING – This drink is made with Grain Alcohol (aka, Everclear)… While very little is used, this drink is not for the weak (or smart). Geek in the City© TM are not responsible for what you do during and after consumption of Romulan Ale… And remember, don’t drink and Warp!

Makes one 750ml bottle. (Give or take)

2 Cups Blue Curacao
1 Cup Clear Rum, no flavor or spice
1/2 Cup Grain Alcohol – (NOTE – You may substitute Vodka if you can’t get or do not want the Grain Alcohol – We use it in Geek Manor because we’re nuts).
1/2 Viso Will – (NOTE – If you can’t get Viso Will, you can use any Cranberry Lemonade, just know the color will be off, since Viso does not color their drinks).

Mix in a sealed bottle. Chill till ice cold. Serve. Die.
You may want to sample as you go as individual tastes differ.

There is a new addition to the fine and smooth Romulan Ale.

Now that real Absinthe is legal within the Federation, you can test your liver like never before with the Cort and Aaron tested Cloaking Device. What is this cocktail? Simple. One-part Romulan Ale. One part Absinthe. Mix. Shoot. Why call it the Cloaking Device? Simple, after a drink or two, you will be absolutely convinced you’re invisible!

Romulan Ale

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