NOFX Coaster – Album Review

CD – Hand Numbered CD and Vinyl (Under the title Frisbee) Original Release Date: April 28, 2009 – Fat Wreck Chords

So eleven full length albums in and NOFX is still here. I have to say this, compared to the previous 10, sounds the most “produced.” Thanks to Bill Stevenson, who also produced the 2006 release “Wolves in Wolves Clothing.” It’s also the first Fat Wreck Chords release priced under ten bucks.

When I say it sounds “produced”, it’s not a knock. It feels like punk rock woke up and put on a suit, then pulled its bright green hair into six inch liberty spikes before stepping to the microphone.

The stand out tracks are “My Orphan Year” and “Creeping Out Sara.” These songs couldn’t be more different in subject matter. “My Orphan Year” is the tale of Fat Mike losing both parents in the same year: Watching his mother slowly die from cancer, and getting news of his absentee father’s death while drunk after a show. The song has an odd beauty to it. “Creeping Out Sara” makes me laugh every time I hear it. It’s the comical story of meeting Sara (of Tegan and Sara) backstage in Germany.

Overall the album is solid, It’s not anther “White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean” but it’s worth your ten bucks (plus the cover art is cool). Swing by Fat Wreck Chords and check it out.

Track List:
“We Called it America” (Opens with a quote from Glengarry Glen Ross)
“The Quitter”
“First Call”
“My Orphan Year”
“Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)”
“Creeping Out Sara” (Appears as “Creeping Out Tegan” on Frisbee)
“Eddie, Bruce and Paul”
“Best God in Show”
“Suits and Ladders”
“The Agony of Victory”
“I Am an Alcoholic”
“One Million Coasters”

Review by Bobbie Winchell

2 thoughts on “NOFX Coaster – Album Review

  1. I just heard about Fat Wreck lowering their prices to 10 bucks which really surprises me. I’m guessing there is a reason (they focus so much on digital downloads these days) but its good for those of us who still buy CD’s (when vinyl is not an option).

    This is one of their better albums from the previous years. I would say IMO that in the last 10 years errorism has been their best release and this is better in most aspects. Quality is great, songs are entertaining and humorous and about 3/4 of the tracks are pretty catchy.

  2. From my understanding the theory behind the drop in price did have to so with the rise of digital downloads. However they are smart, you can still get a special edition hand number CD or 12″ for more money.

    Basically it gives everyone access to the music regardless of how much money they make. Hardcore collectors and supports can opt for the much more expensive vinyl while a more causal or less well off fan can opt for a digital copy for cheap. I think this may be the way the whole industry ends up. It’s a smart move.

    If the rest of the industry is smart they’ll adopt a similar model. I think people will pay $8-10 Bucks for high quality downloads, But when they really love a band/album/song, they’ll go all out and grab the CD/Vinyl. We already see this working in the Film industry, people can rent a DVD and check it out, but people who really love it will buy it. Then buy the collectors/Directors/Special edition/anniversary/blue-ray box to support things they love.

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