Radio Replay Tonight at 6pm

Tonight, on 970.AM, a double-dose of The Adventures of the Crimson Mist on the Radio Drama Replay!

The Adventures of the Crimson Mist

Next week on an all new CBS Radio Theater: Kimmy Waters gets in deep with her new partner. Will she face profit or death? Then, on A.Z.; Hanan, Alan, and Eddie & Rebbecca from OHSU search for clues after the Ross Island Massacre. A search that leads them to a city of the dead at the Portland Memorial…

Next week, on CBS Radio Theater.

2 thoughts on “Radio Replay Tonight at 6pm”

  1. Portland Memorial? I’m so there (read: listening) next week. That’s a neat place. I have a couple of family members interred there, so even if they’re stricter with visitors than they used to be, I can visit it!

    One time I went walking through Oaks Bottom and reached the bottom of that building, and it rose up so much like a monolith, or like some ruin from “Planet of the Apes.” Cool.

    Inspired touch for a location, is what I’m sayin’.

  2. Might have to take you up on that, since they told me to “forget it”. Just wanted to take some notes, nope, no dice.

    We can’t all be Chuck Palahniuk I guess.

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