CBS Radio Theater – Now Weekly!

Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to your support and fandom, CBS Radio Theater is now every Sunday at 6pm Pacific Time on AM 970 (and streaming at

Starting tonight, CBS Radio Theater will replay previously performed episodes during “off-weekends”; with new episode maintaining their regular bi-weekly schedule. So, if you missed Parts 1 & 2 of “Preludes”, now is you chance to catch-up before Preludes – Part 3 on Sunday April 4, 2009 at 6pm.

Will we ever have new episodes every Sunday? Who knows, but signs point to yes, someday. Everyone involved with CBS Radio Theater is both stunned and humbled at the support we’ve received from the best audience ever… In Portland and the world! (Yes, the world, w00t).

Keep spreading the word, keep those emails coming, keep tuning in, and as Stan Lees says “We’ll keep writing them”!

The next phase all starts tonight on AM 970 at 6pm, followed by Kristen, Adam, and James with Musicology.

Sundays with AM 970, live and local talk and drama – Tell ’em you want more!

– Aaron

11 thoughts on “CBS Radio Theater – Now Weekly!”

  1. Yeah, that will never happen. You know, unless I’m willing to give them even more free labor.

    Even then, no, cause they can’t afford a board op. (Okay, they can since Les just bought a new jet and a 20 million dollar bonus)… But paying for shows?

    That’s just foolish when you can get shitty right-wing talk in trade for Cilantro Oil infomercials!

  2. Plus there’s the content thing: podcasts allow saying “bullshit” and “fuckbucket,” broadcast radio doesn’t.

    (I’m in an odd mood.)

    So will any of “Crimson Mist” or “Kimmy Waters” be re-run? Or just “A.Z.”?

  3. Well, we would stop the cursing if GitC Radio ever went to broadcast. Plus, Scott and I decided a LONG TIME AGO that if we ever get a “real” show, we’d keep a podcast as a sort of behind the scenes directors commentary show. And the bullshit and fuckbuckets would remain. 🙂

    Yes, Kimmy Waters and Crimson Mist will get replays as well. But, since here are double the amount of A.Z. episodes, it made sense. Plus, they work as good primers if it is a continued story..

  4. Yeah I know it’ll never happen, but it’d bring me back to 970. That station is just awful now.

  5. Its alwasy great to hear zombie on the radio. Plus we get valuable information about the world with Zombie in it. That way we won’t make the same mistakes..

  6. (Okay, one of these threads has **gotta** break 7 comments in length, so…)

    Has GitC Radio/FF Radio ever come close before to going to broadcast? Or is that a general for-later goal/possibility?

    May your profanity be creative and vivid! Profanity deserves to be used well.

  7. We’ve talked about it. One never knows what the future holds. For now, we all really love the freedom and control the Internet provides.

  8. What is going on man? Any future for AZ? Life sucks with out an alternate universe telling me how bad it would be with zombies roaming the earth. Dudes?
    Entertain me and then drop me. Shame on you.

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