Geek in the City Radio Issue 11 – Fanboys Review, Gamestorm, & Hyper Nerdality

In this annual-sized issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Aaron and Scott are joined by Dan Clark, Fatboy Roberts, Mailman Chris, and Jayesunn Krump (kinda’). Aaron and Fatty make a gentleman’s bet of epic proportions and no matter who wins, Aaron and Fatty lose! Then, Dan and the Mailman chime in on the long-delayed movie, Fanboys. Also, we’re joined by Mark Santillo of Gamestorm, the Pacific Northwest’s premiere RPG & board game convention. Finally, a special announcement about the 2009 Stumptown Comics Fest. Only on GeekintheCity Radio, roll for initiative bitches!

This weeks musical breaks are:

Cool Hippie ChickBad Gass

Down in the BottleCountryside Road

The Road to ArkhamThe Arkhams

Because I know you’ll ask. The show ender is by CreativeJuices 7, if you’re a D&D fan, you’ll waste hours of your life watching these great videos… Just like your friendly neighborhood Geek.

Download it HERE

2 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 11 – Fanboys Review, Gamestorm, & Hyper Nerdality”

  1. Great Issue guys!! maybe someday you can post an edit free issue of GITC so we can hear how long an issue does last.

    Gamestorm is alot of fun. It would be “SHINEY” (in voice #3) if Aaron would show up with his dice bag of power ready to throw down with the other geeks there. There are so many games to play its like a Haji for geeks. You must undertake your Haji GITC

    I was wondering though if there is going to be an Issue devoted to this years movies.. What is comming out in the next few months and this summer? what should I look forward to. (Beside STAR TREK!!!)

    May the geek be with you, Alwasy


  2. As the summer movie season gets closer we will be doing an issue devoted to the summer film line up. We do it every year…so the short answer to your question is Yes!

    Thanks for listening, this week’s show was a blast to do.


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