A.Z. Update!

Good news everyone, a listener has the fabled episode 4 of A.Z., And the Geeks Shall Inherit. With any luck, the show will post on 970.am and iTunes within the week! Not sure if this listener wants any public glory, so I’ll leave his name out for now. However, know that this Geek bows to their tech awesomeness!


Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in CBS Radio Theater. This really has been a dream come true, for both Jayesunn and myself. It means a lot to know so many people give their all for this show. Finally, to all you listeners that keep tuning in every other week and telling everyone you know about this show. You are the real reason we keep doing this, without you, Jayesunn and I are back to annoying bartenders and witresses as we tell them how awesome our ideas are. Truly, deepest of thanks and humility. See you in 2 weeks, when all hell breaks loose on both A.Z and The Adventures of the Crimson Mist. (Literally in one of the shows).


If you listen and like what you hear on CBS Radio Theater… Spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell the station. Excelsior! 


Finally, I’ve received emails form folks asking how we come up with episode ideas and characters…


Well, the short answer is this: Yes, we are all that messed up. Basically, if it unsettles us, gold! Some listeners have also asked if A.Z. has any “official” soundtrack or anything. Um, not really, but seeing that I am a total Geek, I do have a Playlist that I listen when I’m writing. (When I don’t leave anything by Bear McCreary or Hans Zimmer on repeat). So, for those that are interested, here is the non-official soundtrack to A.Z.:


The Times They Are A-Changin’ (cover) – Alisa Childers

George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding – Showbread

The Rest of the World is Asleep – Jim Brunberg

Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

Take a bow – Muse

Soldiers Poem – Muse

Plastic Flowers – James Beaton

Don’t Fear the Reaper (cover) – Gus

Your Memory Won’t Die in My Grave –Willie Nelson

This Used to be My Playground – Madonna

The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

Night Reconnaissance – The Dresden Dolls

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning – Smashing Pumpkins

Just Like You Imagined – Nine Inch Nails

Manus Christi – Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun

Let the Right One In – Johan Soderqvist

Keep Me in Your Heart – Warren Zevon


Little all over the place, I know. Still, these are the songs and musical tracks that roll around in my ears as the characters and stories come to life.


Thanks for listening and all your support! W00t!


2 thoughts on “A.Z. Update!”

  1. how open are you two to having guest writers on either AZ or Chrimson Mist? i’ve kicked around a couple of one offs for both.

    keep up the quality shit. you make the rest of us nerds in portland proud.

  2. For now, most of the writing is “in house”. (Mainly because the first “season” of both are already plotted out). But, one never knows what the future holds…and what form both shows will take.

    Thank you for your support. Please keep spreading the word and telling the station you dig the show. Need the support. Thanks!

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