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First, I know Rick made a post a week back or so asking if anyone recorded the CBS Radio Theater broadcast on February 22. We are still looking for anyone with a copy, shoot, I’ll even take a bad recording right now. Been getting a lot of requests for the podcast to go up. Alas, unless we find a recorded copy, Episode 4 of A.Z. (And the Geeks Shall Inherit) will be lost to the ether of technology.

Speaking of A.Z. and CBS Radio Theater, a lot of fans have asked about “official” swag. Will we have any, what do we have planned, and will there be limited edition action figures with a “build a Zed” chaser figure? Well, the short answer is yes! (Um, except the action figure thing, suckers are hard to make). Anyway, we do have some ideas in store for fans of the series. And, before I delve in further into the self-promotional hole, thank you all so freaking much for listening to our show… Let alone want to have swag about it, it truly means the world to know you all enjoy everyones hard work. Anyway, Jayesunn and I do have some ideas, but as CBS Radio Theater is a Portland original, we’d also like to keep any and all merch in the Portland area as well. So, if you know or are a local t-shirt, sticker, general swag maker, please drop me an email at HERE, we really want to talk about some ideas.

Finally, in a couple hours I’m off to catch a screener of Watchmen. In a couple of hours I will learn if the “most unfilmable graphic novel of all time” is indeed just that. Will Synder have another success, or will Alan Moore finally be the last man laughing?

3 thoughts on “Just Random Things…”

  1. Hey was wondering if there is any way to get a cd of all a.z. shows?? That would be great…geekinthecity’s sister would appreciate it.

  2. How about an AZ (Portland-themed) expansion for the Zombies game by Twilight Creations? They already make blank cards available… wouldn’t be too hard to design Portland maps and AZ-centric event cards.

  3. I like the way you think Dan. Me thinks we need to contact the folks at Twilight. They’re friends of GeekintheCity.com 🙂

    And to sister Geek, drop me a line, see what we can do for you.

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