A Heartfelt Thanks To All

Scott and I wanted to thank everyone that came out to the 2nd Annual Boo Yah event last night. Everyone with Geek in the City are truly honored and humbled that you choose to listen to our little show, and then come out and spend your Saturday nights with us, and your fellow Geek fanatics! We truly could not do this without you, the best damn audience ever.

Again, a huge thanks to Cosmic Monkey Comics for opening up their bad ass store for us. Ken with Music Du Jour for providing the fantastic music and lock picking skills (gonna’ make you wait on that story). Dan’s talented wife Sonia for her Film Fever Ale and Stout of the Governor. The Roseway Theater for the great Alan Moore pack. To all our presenters and friends that take more time out of their lives to play along with our designs of grandeur… Cort and Fatboy, Cat the PA & Smoke Porter, Jayesunn & Aaron, Dan “Swayze Style” Clark, Mailman Chris, and David – The OFF (original Film Fever).

Thank you all, we’ll see you in another 365…364. Till then, you keep listening, we’ll keep talking… Excelsior!

About Aaron

Aaron Duran is founder and head writer of GeekintheCity.com, a website devoted to the latest in movies, comics, tabletop games, digital pastimes, and all things Geek. His fascination with comics, film, music, and obscure trivia has transformed into a lifelong pursuit of pop culture knowledge. A precocious writer who started out by spinning elaborate stories based on his favorite sci-fi and adventure franchises, he befuddled his grade-school teachers, who were convinced that no child could write that well at such a young age. When not hard at work on his plans for world domination, Aaron creates highly acclaimed independent films, freelances in many forms of media, explores the minutiae of pop culture, and shares his love of all things Geek with the world through his writing.
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7 Responses to A Heartfelt Thanks To All

  1. “Das Book.” Me heards that name and me likes that name.

    And hey, Aaron, maybe do quick articles on the honorary awards you didn’t get to present. You coul probably get a nice little column or two out of them.

  2. Aaron says:

    Yeah, I feel bad for skipping the Shirley Walker award. I intend on posting about it this week.

  3. Dan says:

    An epic night indeed!

    By my count, Cloverfield walked away with two of the coveted Shias. That’s equal to the number of Oscars that were presented to The Dark Knight. Coincidence?

    Well done sirs… bring on BY3!

  4. Aaron Duran says:

    Are you happy now? No more Cloverfield whining?! 🙂

  5. “Yeah, I feel bad for skipping the Shirley Walker award. I intend on posting about it this week.”

    That might actually be the better way to introduce it. Easier to explain in a column.

  6. Friends call me Kfed says:

    Holy hell was i duped! I saw the link on the said that said Christopher Wal… and i was like “Christopher Walkin posts on GeekintheCity?!” *sigh* but no! It’s just some guy named Walsh. Well props to you sir for fooling me.

    G in the C ftw!

  7. I could also have been Christopher Wallace, the Notorious B.I.G., back from the dead to write about geek stuff…

    (Winky emoticon or no winky emoticon? I can’t decide!)

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