Best. Awards Show. Ever!

The Academy Awards can suck it! Seriously, this is the group of blue-hairs that gave Denzel Washington the Oscar for Training Day, but not for Malcolm X or Glory. Jackasses.


So what is a film fanatic to do?


The 2nd Annual Boo Yah Awards of course! On Saturday, February 21, the best damn movie party you’ll ever attend. (Um, until next year). Hosted at the fantastic Cosmic Monkey Comics at 5335 NE Sandy Boulevard in Portland. (Right next to the Bike Gallery).


It starts at 7pm and runs till 9pm (sorry, real cut-off time this time out, people live above the store).


It is all ages, but we’re still gonna’ card your minor ass if you reach for a brew, so don’t even try it!


Come, hang out with your fellow Geek in the City Radio fans, and bask in the glory that is the famous Scott Dally!


Movies, prizes, comics, movie tunes spun by Ken of Music Du Jour, the legendary Film Fever Ale and Stout of the Governor (donations very welcome *cough-cough*), and the extremely coveted  Shia Statues!!!


This is not a party you want to miss. Saturday night, February 21 at Cosmic Monkey Comics from 7pm to 9pm… The Boo Yah Awards!



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  1. And Russell Crowe should’ve won for “The Insider,” not for “Gladiator.”

    See y’all’s tonight!

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