Because Atomic Juice Can Kill…I Guess

Poor Alan Moore, you think some of these tie-ins are just to piss him off? Look, I love Alan Moore, but the guy does tend to run his mouth, so all this Watchmen swag might be a slice of comic karma. Then again, he’s Alan Moore and I’m not. Still, this is a bit much…And by a “bit much” I mean awesome!

A raincoat even Superman could wear.

Although one must wonder why Dr. Manhattan would even need condoms. I mean, couldn’t he just alter his little atomic tadpoles into…Um…I don’t know… Sugar Free Hazelnut Coffee Creamer. Hm, Hazelnut Coffee Cream… Ahem, sorry. 

Can a movie tie-in be both horrendous and totally righteous?  Frak-Pack yeah!

What do you think? Think you could impress the ladies (or dudes) if you whipped out the Manhattan?! (Bet it helps to actually call your penis “The Manhattan”).

“Hey baby. You and your Silk Spectres and me with my big blue Manhattan, we’ll make some sweet Hurm”.

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