Toy Images From 2009 New York Comic Con

Not as much toy news as hoped at this year’s New York Comic Con. Although Toy Fair is coming up next, most companies claimed to shift focus to NYCC. We’ll see if Toy Fair 2009 is any better.

Remember, is attended both Emerald City Comic Con and the San Diego Comic Con this year. Keep checking this fine site for details

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4 thoughts on “Toy Images From 2009 New York Comic Con”

  1. A few extra details on these photos…

    The Two-Face and ‘Jail Cell’ Joker are part of Mattel’s 6″ Movie Masters line. They will be released later in the year along with a ‘Bank Robber’ Joker and ‘Sonar Eyes’ Batman.

    Mattel’s Ghostbusters line will be pretty expansive, with both 12″ and 6″ figures planned. Figures will be based on the two films, ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ animated series as well as the upcoming video game.

    Figures will be available exclusively on and will include pack-in ghosts, articulated accessories and even light-up proton packs! Figures will run $20 (6-inch) and $60 (12-inch).

  2. You realize that I will have a special Mission for you in San Diego. You must find the ‘Kingdom of Loathing’ group and pass my highest regards to this snarky take on on-line RPG gaming. I have lost many hours working on my cocktailing skills so that I can defeat the Naughty Sorceress. Too cool for words and this fangirl has much love for their site!!

  3. Intermeresting. I will definitely enjoy this convention. Look out for me, I will be wearing a Jason Fox costume. Kingdom of Loathing is the world’s best game.

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