Crap! I’m Agreeing With John Byrne!?

Okay, not really. However, he does make some valid points on his message boards. I’ve taken the liberty of screncapping his post, because no one should have to drudge those boards… Let your friendly neighborhood Geek do the heavy lifting.


There are, however, some rather humorous ironies in John’s list…
What? You thought I wasn’t gonna’ rip on the guy? Come on! This is Geek in the City, how can I not make a dig on John Byrne… I do have a Mexican Hooker for a sister.

No recycling of 20 and 30 year old storylines – You know, like telling the back-story to a single-episode villain in Star Trek: TOS

No stories that run more than 3 issues – Like The Dark Phoenix Saga or That JLA Vampire story from 2003 aka Worst JLA Story Ever!

No Pinup covers – Because he’s tired of having other artists “recolor” his work.

No real deaths – Like the above mentioned Dark Phoenix Saga

No breaking the status quo by the latest flavor of the month “talent”– Like when companies use his name to promote a “new and fresh take” on a title… Say what you will about the flavors of the month, at least it is a new flavor… Unlike Byrne, who hasn’t improved his “Kirby-lite” flavor since 1978.

You know what would rock? John Byrne penciling a comic by Orson Scott Card!

Hells yes!

This reminds me. Time for you to send me your 2008 Byrnie Nominations. Send the email CLICKING HERE.

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