Mere Words…

They’re called clichés because nothing else fits and those clichés say everything and nothing.

I am so very humbled and grateful for everyone that made the first installment of CBS Radio Theater a success. I sincerely believe we’ve all heard the return of a long-lost art. I simply cannot thank all those involved enough, but I’m gonna’ try.

Jayesunn, for the shared vision and drive to recreate the theater of the mind. To Kristin, for her haunting music. To Fatboy Roberts for his work on the script and the best damn villain of all time. Cort Webber, who brought tenderness and power to his roles. Bobbie Girl, for making me cry like a little girl, even though I wrote the dang thing. Kaebel Hashitani, bringing an air of decorum of the Professor. Sarah Moon’s powerful pressense as a young costumed hero and a cop that never gave up. Clyde Lewis, keeping the Mercury Theatre alive and well in his Crimson Mist. To Sugar James Robinson, for running a chaotic board of sounds and music. (Yes James, you can keep the “juicy” effects). To
Rick Emerson, for believing in Jayesunn and I and letting us give life to our dreams.

But wait, there’s more!

To everyone that supported us these past few weeks. For never once telling us this was a “bad idea” (even when it was). To our collective familes, for forgiving long nights of plotting and sound design. To all the listeners who waited patiently for the show. I truly hope we entertained you for a little while.

Finally, my deepest thanks to Orson Welles, Walter B. Gibson, George Romero, and Lester Dent. I hope yours sons did you proud!

See you all soon!

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