Undead Walk and a Hero Rises!

I was going to post a nice little promotion for the debut of CBS Radio Theater (this Sunday on AM 970 at 6pm and streaming at www.970.am), but you’ve been hearing the ads all week. Um, plus I just kinda’ did the promo thing above.


Instead, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for helping make a simple little dream come true. All through my childhood there have been two pop culture genres that captured my imagination. Zombies and Superheros. Strange combo? You bet, but there was something about the human condition when filtered through the walking dead or larger than life heroics that clicked with me.

From watching the original Night of the Living Dead on a 16mm projector in my friends barn one summer night; to setting my alarm for 1am to catch reruns of The Shadow on a low-powered AM station out of God knows where. Both genres helped define the kind of writer I wanted to become and on Sunday December 7 at 6pm, I have the chance to give something back.


Thanks to Rick Emerson for giving me a chance. Thanks to Jayesunn Krump for being my partner-in-crime and overcoming his ambulothanatophobia (ask him, it is a great story). Finally, to all the actors that gave their time to this project. I can’t tell you their names yet, for that you will have to tune in.

Thank you all!

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