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10 Flicks That Made Fatboy’s List of Awesome!

Things you need to know about my Top 10 list before we get underway: 1) It’s f**ked. 2) I didn’t see everything released this year, because I’m not insane. I like interacting with people, getting drunk, reading comics, things like … Continue reading

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Four-Color Recollections

As I write this, a stack of just read comics sits on my living room table; no bags, no boards, not even stacked properly to prevent “book bend”. The room still smells like Christmas, with a hint of clove and … Continue reading

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Die Hard Commentary

The “better late than never” edition! Sorry for the delay folks. With families in town and an old PC hard drive that didn’t want to give up the goods; this was almost the repost that wasn’t! However, thanks to listener … Continue reading

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Sorry for the drop in post friends. The weather finally took its toll on your friendly neighborhood Geek. While I dive into some random thoughts about this time of year and The Adventures of a Frozen Geek in the City! … Continue reading

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While the weather can’t stop the Grindhouse, it can stop the The Hollywood Theatre. I’ll repost the news as received from Dan with Portland Grindhouse: The Hollywood Theatre has closed today, so the screening tonight is canceled. It’s out of … Continue reading

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