The Drama’s Are Coming!

Yup, as mentioned last friday on the Rick Emerson Show, your friendly neighborhood Geek and Jayesunn Krump are starting a return to that American classic… The Live Radio Drama!

CBS Radio Portland is pleased to announce the return of an American institution to the airwaves. On Sunday, December 7th, at 6pm, AM 970 The Talker will unveil the inaugural installment of CBS Radio Theater, a live-without-a-net radio drama harkening back to the golden age of thrill-packed broadcast excitement.

Emanating from the downtown-Portland studios of AM 970 KCMD, CBS Radio Theater will combine classic elements of radio’s electrifying past with the fast-paced, hyper-literate sensibilities of today to create an imagination-capturing mix of adventure, suspense, and pure, unadulterated entertainment.

The hour-long broadcast will contain two 25-minute radio plays—each the first “chapter” in an ongoing, serialized story, to be continued in subsequent weeks:

The first play, A.Z. (After Zombies), takes place in modern-day Portland, Oregon, with one crucial difference: the zombies have come, bringing death, bringing despair, and putting humanity’s very existence at risk. A small group of determined survivors must fight starvation, the elements, and each other—knowing that the price of failure is the extinction of the human race. You’ll never view the dark, rain-slicked streets of the Rose City the same way again.

The second play, The Crimson Mist, is also set in Portland, but this time it’s Portland circa 1943. Crime is rampant, corruption is epidemic, and only one man stands between our fair city and the grip of evil…The Crimson Mist. Written in the style of such classic superhero serials as Doc Savage and The Shadow, The Crimson Mist is a return to the elements that defined the radio adventure series: bold, courageous heroes (and heroines!), sinister villains, crackling, fast-paced dialogue, and the satisfying –though suspenseful– triumph of good over evil.

Both A.Z. and The Crimson Mist will be broadcast live from the AM 970 studios, with dialogue, sound effects, and music cues being performed and/or played “in the moment.” Says AM 970 Program Director Rick Emerson, “Radio is a kind of magic; a blank slate onto which you can project anything your imagination can conjure. It’s time to re-create the edge-of-your seat excitement that really only comes from live, locally-created entertainment.”

Written by Portland filmmaker/author Aaron Duran, and directed by photographer/filmmaker Jayesunn Krump, both series will star a wide variety of Portland voice talent, including CBS Radio colleagues Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts and Cort Webber, both of sister station KUFO. Local cellist Kristin Holovnia will contribute to the score and musical atmospherics for both A.Z. and The Crimson Mist. Says director Krump, “The magic of storytelling is about to return.”

About Aaron

Aaron Duran is founder and head writer of, a website devoted to the latest in movies, comics, tabletop games, digital pastimes, and all things Geek. His fascination with comics, film, music, and obscure trivia has transformed into a lifelong pursuit of pop culture knowledge. A precocious writer who started out by spinning elaborate stories based on his favorite sci-fi and adventure franchises, he befuddled his grade-school teachers, who were convinced that no child could write that well at such a young age. When not hard at work on his plans for world domination, Aaron creates highly acclaimed independent films, freelances in many forms of media, explores the minutiae of pop culture, and shares his love of all things Geek with the world through his writing.
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