Prepare for First Contact, aka, More Trek Drinks!

November is here and in that grand Geek in the City / Film Fever Radio tradition, we’re watching a Star Trek film. Not just watching, but drunkenly commenting on. And, not just any Star Trek film, but the massively divisive Star Trek: First Contact! The first Next Generation movie without a hint of TOS characters. Some Trek fans claim is stands with Wrath of Khan, others still believe it to be the least “Trek-themed” film of the bunch. Where do you fall? Where do the Film Fever Radio Commentators fall? All shall be decided this Saturday. Sadly, the room is full. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t join your Geek brothers and sisters and enjoy the same fine libations we’ll be torturing our bodies… Live Long and Prosper. (Note, you will do neither if you finish any of the following bottles in one sitting)

Romulan Ale…
– WARNING – This drink is made with Grain Alcohol (aka, Everclear)… While very little is used, this drink is not for the weak (or smart). Geek in the City© TM and Film Fever Radio© are not responsible for what you do during and after consumption of Romulan Ale… And remember, don’t drink and frag!

Makes one 750ml bottle. (Give or take)

2 Cups Blue Curacao
1 Cup Clear Rum (non flavored or spiced)
1/2 Grain Alcohol
1/2 Viso Will (Or Vigor if you want the sugar)

Mix in a sealed bottle. Chill till ice cold. Serve. Die.
You may want to sample as you go as individual tastes differ.

There is a new addition to the fine and smooth Romulan Ale.

Now that real Absinthe is legal within the Federation, you can test your liver like never before with the Cort and Aaron tested Cloaking Device. What is this cocktail? Simple. One-part Romulan Ale. One part Absinthe. Mix. Shoot. Why call it the Cloaking Device? Simple, after a drink or two, you will be absolutely convinced you’re invisible!

Klingon Blood-Wine…

2 Shots of Hot Monkey Vodka from New Deal Vodka
1 Shot Aftershock cinnamon liquor
2 Shots Godiva Chocolate liquor

Shake the Hot Monkey Vodka and Aftershock with ice until fully chilled and blended. Pour into tumbler (or a Klingon goblet if you have one). Then, slowly pour in the two shots of Godiva Chocolate Liquor. Feel free to add some powered peppers or grated cinnamon if you want an even stronger bite. What? You thought Klingons wouldn’t like something with some sweetness. Hello, they love Prune Juice! Think of this as a “Warriors Cocktail”.


Aldeberan Whiskey…

1 Shot of Irish whiskey (I like FeckiN Irish Whiskey)
1 Shot Crème de Menthe – Green
Pour over ice and reminisce about your first Chief Engineering position.

Saurian Brandy…

1 Shot of New Amsterdam Gin
1 Shot of Amaretto

Shake for 17 seconds in ice and pour into 01 martini glass and sip. (Get it? 17 seconds and 01 glass… GET IT)?! Or, if you want to drink it Captain Kirk style, just pour half a bottle of above into your own bottle. Shake it. Drink it. Grope Yeoman Rand!

Gonna’ be the best commentary ever!

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