A Live Debut!

Sure, this might be Halloween week, but it’s still a Monday… What could possibly be going on? Only the greatest frakking cover band you’ve never seen! The Ground Zero Lounge presents its Halloween Spectacular Show at Dante’s Lounge at 7pm. Feast your eyes on the glorious awesomeness that is Clyde Lewis and his newest endeavor… The Wanna B-52s! Anyone that attends Karaoke From Hell knows the Original Hairy Scary Guy can belt out Fred Schneider like, well, a young Fred Schneider! Now watch with a full band of B-52 freaks Monday night at Dante’s at 7pm.


But wait, there’s more! Making their Portland debut, the world’s only Dancing Palins! They’re hot! They dance! They play the flute! They shoot Moose! Flex your Leftist Passions while indulging your Right Wing Fetishes… You know you can’t resist! Then, to help get your freak one is the one and only Erotic City: The Prince Experience. The best damn Prince Tribute Group of all time. This great show wraps up with the Wanna B-52s!

It all starts at 7pm on Monday, October 27 at Dante’s in Portland, OR.

There is no cost, I repeat, no cost. But donations are greatly appreciated! (Seriously, you’re getting a 3 hour show for free, don’t be a cheap bastard)! You must be 21 to attend.

Be there fools! You do not want to miss this out of sight show!

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