Zombies. Zombies. Zombies.

Something far more insidious than “Gerbils. Gerbils. Gerbils”, which is just a cheap Mallrats joke. (That I giggle at every single time). First, have you picked up your Zack Shirt? No?! For shame, shame! (I should know, I lack any as this posting proves).


Do you part in the war against the undead!

Then, once you proudly wear your Zack Shirt, pop on over to Zombie Tools and snag yourself some total kick ass weaponry. (And in the interest of shamelessness, I would love me the Urban Bone Machete II). Drop me a line if you want the address where you may ship me my new favorite zombie fragging weapon.


Finally, you might start seeing more of these images pop up in the great city of Portland, OR.


The folks over at Lost Zombies have an interesting concept. The world’s first user driven Zombie Apocalypse “documentary”. If you want to take part, pop on over to Lost Zombies and see what all the fuss is about. Make a video, make a podcast, or post your own tales of survival. It is an ambitious project, I’m curious to see how it all plays out. Catch me at the 2008 Portland Zombie Walk if you want your own Lost Zombie card.

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