Yea, I Can Haz Cocktails!

Sorry, whatever bit of coolness I’m about to write about just got flushed by a self-lol’catting. I feel such shame now. I know, I’ll drink my shame away care of *Portland Monthly Magazine!

PDX Cocktail_edited-1.jpg

As to the status of, we are in the process of organizing a signature gathering drive. Please drop me a line if you want to help or if you have any gathering suggestions. Many thanks!

*Portland Monthly in no way promises free drinks to those listed, this is just another inane and ill responsible comment from Aaron Duran. GitC Legal really wishes he would keep his yap shut. (Oh yea, well, Aaron Duran is your boss, so you better step back, lest you find yourself in the **unemployment line – AD)

** GitC Legal would like to again point out that they would make more money on unemployment; as such, they call your bluff and again tell you to shut it. (FTW – AD)

About Aaron

Aaron Duran is founder and head writer of, a website devoted to the latest in movies, comics, tabletop games, digital pastimes, and all things Geek. His fascination with comics, film, music, and obscure trivia has transformed into a lifelong pursuit of pop culture knowledge. A precocious writer who started out by spinning elaborate stories based on his favorite sci-fi and adventure franchises, he befuddled his grade-school teachers, who were convinced that no child could write that well at such a young age. When not hard at work on his plans for world domination, Aaron creates highly acclaimed independent films, freelances in many forms of media, explores the minutiae of pop culture, and shares his love of all things Geek with the world through his writing.
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