Deathrace – Spoiler Free Movie Review

Paul W S Anderson and I have a strange relationship. We both know that deep down; he is a crappy director and an even worse writer. Then again, Anderson reminds me that he makes a living making movies and I do not. I then remind him that he willing made Mortal Kombat: Armageddon without the genius that is Christopher Lambert. After that, we both call truce, go watch Event Horizon, and laugh at the eye-humping scene with Yakkity Sax in the background… Followed by a hearty high-five and scream “DUDE”! Sadly, ever since he made that genius of a film, his work has only gone down. Though he does get to bang Milla Jovovich, and I’m willing to bet my VHS copy of Soldier he and Milla totally had a three-way with the chick from Girl Fight. Seriously, you listen to that Resident Evil commentary. They totally hit that. (Please to draw your own conclusions as to why that thought entered my mind…Then again, maybe not). Anyway, using my personal connection to Paul WS Anderson, I had a chance to sit down with the man and talk about his newest opus, Deathrace!*

Oh, and mom, since I know you read this site now. I’d stop. It gets ugly and profane from here… I wouldn’t want to sully the image of your innocent little mijo! **

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Mirrors – Original Score Review

Horror films might contain my favorite music. Sure, I get swept up in the grand and epic music found in Science Fiction and Action films. However, nothing fuels my own creative nature like a good horror score. Many a night I’ve spent huddled over my keyboard, giggling to myself as I torture my poor characters, all while my own senses get bombarded with morbid brass and brooding strings. Javier Navarrete’s score for the film, Mirrors does not disappoint. I can already envision my dark room, only the glow of my monitor lighting the keyboard, and Javier’s first *100% horror score echoing all around.


The Mirrors score contains many of the horror genre clich?s, from dark chanting in the string section (as in the Main Titles track), to deep and dread-laced piano segments (used with great effect within the track Fire). Still, Javier Navarrete reveals a good understanding of the genre. As such, his clich?s play as welcome friends to those with an ear for the macabre. For those hoping for a score akin to Javier’s masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth, you will be disappointed. Mind you, this is not a discredit to the Mirrors score, but rather an acknowledgement that they are two different beasts. The Mirrors score starts with a slow burn and quickly ramps up to a strong level of tension that assaults your auditory senses. While not groundbreaking, Javier Navarrete delivered exactly what I want from a horror score; lasting dread and good scares.

It is a shame the film doesn’t hold up as well as the score.

*I know, The Devil’s Backbone came first, but it isn’t technically a 100% horror flick. Get off my back!

Singhiozzo Dellamorte…

…(Or, how a grip of Geeks spent August 8 – 10, 2008).

Here is the Vanished Geeks entry in the 2008 Portland 48 Hour Film Project! Enjoy the James Whale meets Chuck Jones antics of a crew raised on too many Sam Raimi films. (As if there is such a thing).

Special thanks to everyone involved in this amazing little short… I’d list them all, but I need the producer to send me the cast / crew list, lest I leave someone out and be forced to kill myself. Promise, credits coming post-haste!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Spoiler Free

I am going to spare everyone my Star Wars ranting and ravings; like any good geek I have my issues and yet there is still and always will be a certain place in my heart for that galaxy far, far away. That place in my heart has been renewed a bit through my son, who is now 6, as he brought his light saber with him to the screening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an off shoot of the Star Wars saga and takes place between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith; and is the first three episodes of the upcoming Cartoon Network series of the same name; all wrapped up in a feature film. Another thing to keep in mind is that this story is not really a part of the Star Wars canon; it is a standalone story with some sprinklings of things to come with the republic…

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You Overthrow to Free, Not Lock

The occasional street renaming effort not withstanding, this site tends to keep away from political statements or other “serious” subjects. Still, when I hear about an author I once enjoyed and respected, it is hard to keep my mouth shut (or, fingers still as it were). That author is Orson Scott Card. Not long ago, I wrote him off as an embittered author that couldn’t catch another blockbuster title without relying on the quiet boy that made him a name back in 1985. An author that aimed his ire at other science fiction “franchises” for being lazy and outdated in their vision of Sci-Fi work; all while he promoted Ender’s Shadow, a parallel retelling of his original classic. These were simple gripes from a one-time fan and current struggling writer. And, while I knew of his personal feelings when it came to same sex relationships and marriage, I didn’t pay any mind to them. They are his beliefs and he is welcome to them. I will admit to some disappointment. Deep down I want to believe most science fiction writers are open-minded people. People that write of a time and place where whom you love, as consenting adults, no longer matters in the grand scheme. Am I na?ve? Perhaps.

However, expressing your opinion and wishing for a government revolution are two different things…

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