Flying to the Dirty Critt’n* South

In a few hours, your friendly neighborhood Geek will make his way to Atlanta, GA for the 2008 Dragon*Con! Oh yea, 72 hours of gaming, sugar, dice, coffee, BSG cast stalking, Cheetos, Adam “not the Goddamn Batman” West, and doing my best not to get pwned by some 10 year-old at Magic: The Gathering.


Big thanks to Scott Dally for taking the full reigns of Film Fever Radio, and to Cort and Fatboy as they are once again drawn into out podcasting foolishness.

Look for updates from Dragon*Con! on this fine site. I’ll do my best to only take pictures of fandom celebrities and hot Elves. (Doing my best to avoid the Nordic Barbarian with a mustard stain on his loin clothe…Yes, just assuming he exists).

* I know, my attempt to make Critt’n a hard gamer term failed, but I can still use it.