Thanks Beyond Words!

And yet, here I go trying to put down words of thanks!

My deepest thanks to all that voted for Geek in the City as Willamette Week’s Best Blog of 2008! You are all simply the best audience ever!

I also want to thank all that make this site happen: My wife, the Lovely Jenn with her tireless tech smarts and patience in the face of my horrendous use of homonyms. Rick, Sarah, and Tim of the Rick Emerson Show for all their support and letting me rant about George Lucas on the air! All the GitC writers that make this site sing, it wouldn’t happen without Lady Vader, Fatboy Roberts, Aaron Barnard, Diana from Downtown, Mailman Chris, Russ the original KaraokeFanboy, Scott Dally, Nerdy Girl, and my hetero-lifemate Ersogoth!

Finally, a huge thanks to all my friends and sponsors at Vanished Twin Photography, Ground Zero Media, Cort and Fatboy Show Miles Around, Guardian Games, and Cosmic Monkey Comics. Thank you all so much.

Promise, it only gets better from here!