Thanks and a Rumor

Little news from Starfleet Commanad, aka, Paramount Pictures. With the film pushed back to May 8, 2009; Paramount has removed the point system from all affiliate sites. What does that mean? I have no idea, but for all those that supported Geek in the City with daily hits, you can give your mouse fingers a break. (And know that I thank you from the bottom of my Warp Core for your support). Affiliate sites no longer compete with each other. However, please keep checking this site for all your Star Trek XI Rumors. (Like when they stop calling the movie Star Trek XI, odd Trek films don’t have the best track record).

Now, onto the rumor…

Everyone’s favorite helmsman George “don’t call me tiny Sulu” Takei is dropping hints that he might be in JJ Abrams Star Trek “relaunch”. When asked on the Howard Stern show, he replied with a rather coy “no comment…wang”… (Okay, the wang I added, but it was implied). Anyway, is Takei trying to hint that he does indeed have a role in the new Star Trek film? Possibly. This would add credence to my belief that Shatner is indeed in the film and Abrams is trying to pull off another cinematic sleight of hand.

Although I hope not. My thoughts regarding any original cast member is well documented here.

However, if all these “cameo” appearances end up true, it means only one thing.

Abrams new vision of Star Trek can’t stand on it’s own. That isn’t a trek I want to take.

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