Geeks That Give

Every year I write a fun little Geeky gift guide. A simple list for all you “straights” that find themselves sharing their life with the love that knows no bounds… Geek Love. (Um, the nerdy kind, not the one from the book of the same name). Anyway, this year I think it is time for the Geeks to give back. Back to the very community that helped us become the pop culture savants and mad dice tossers we are.

As such, Geek in the City presents some of the best Geek themed or related charities for your hard earn credits…

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While They Strike

Listening to NPR a few days past, I heard a piece regarding the WGA strike and their revenue effect on broadcast companies. What is the corporate answer? Sadly, they are turning toward “un-scripted” programs, which are a double-speak way to say we’ll see more “Reality Television”. (This is similar to calling unoriginal remakes as “reimaginings”. Both are a sad and lazy attempt at low-cash entertainment). Now, I understand the broadcast companies need to maintain advertising revenue while the striking writers fight for their deserved pay. I submit to you, the Geek in the City reader an idea that is both entertaining and slightly novel, without resorting to terrible “reality” television*.

Classic Night!

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This is My Dark Knight!

For the 1% of my fellow Geeks that haven’t seen this trailer already, give it a watch and bask in the complete Dark Knight / Joker glory!

Some random thoughts and insights…

Ledger just snuck past Hamill as the greatest Joker ever!

I like his face is make-up, not bleaching. This is a clear homage to Bill Finger’s original Joker design.

Looks like Bruce Wayne lives in Wayne Tower, with the Urban Batcave under the building. Cool!

I’ve seen Two-Face… Holy. Hell. Better credit Tim Sale. (But good on ya’).

This is the true Joker. Not scary cause he laughs. He is scary because he kills with no rhyme or reason. He takes pleasure in the suffering of others. The Joker is evil and he revels in it!

I Am Legend – Spoiler Free Review

Long regarded as one of the more difficult stories to adapt to film, Will Smith’s newest outing is a pleasant surprise. Written by Richard Matheson, I Am Legend is a simple story, at least at its core: A lone human must survive in a world overrun with Vampires. However, like all simple concepts there is so much more to the story. The story behind the making of the making of I Am Legend is about as dramatic as the film itself. Before ever hitting the silver screen, Matheson’s novel inspired a young George Romero as he penned The Night of the Living Dead. A few short years prior in 1964, Vincent Price starred in The Last Man on Earth, with the screenplay penned by Matheson; he later requested his name be removed after many rewrites forever altered his original story. In 1971, Charlton Heston starred in the cult classic Omega Man. Only taking the most basic elements, Omega Man is an adaptation in name only. With little to no box-office success from any adaptation, I Am Legend became the stuff of legends. One of the few unadaptable novels. Not even Ridley Scott and the governor of California could bring Matheson’s story to the theater.

It took 53 years for a good adaptation to hit the screen…

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