Film Fever Radio – Party Time!

Film Fever Radio – Party Time!

Hello all! Well, with Aaron and Scott still recovering from the best damn party of the year, the Film Fever Radio you know and love is a little different this week. However, just because they didn’t review a film doesn’t mean they won’t provide you fine listeners with some fun! Give it a download, sit back, and enjoy all the fun from Emerson History X… And if you missed it, shame upon your family name!

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With the highly explicit nature of this episode, this episode will not be available on iTunes. It is direct download only my friends.

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Holy Crap… Dragon Magazine is Gone!!!

Wow… After 20+ plus years of gaming advice… Both Dragon magazine and Dungeon Magazine are ending…

Today, Wizards of the Coast and Paizo Publishing announced the conclusion of Paizo’s license to publish Dragon and Dungeon magazines. The magazines will cease publication following the release of the September issues, which ship to subscribers and newsstands in August. The final issues will be Dragon #359 and Dungeon #150.

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Yell at Film Fever Radio*

Look, even if Scott and I didn’t have a weekly movie podcast (quickly becoming the favorite movie podcast in Portland, thanks all). We would still attend Emerson History X… A) Because it will be the best damn party of the year and B) It is the American thing to do… You don’t hate America, do you? Do you?!

Anyway, in addition to acting like drunken fools, we’ll be bringing the “mobile” Film Fever Radio studio with us… So, if you’ve ever wanted to give Scott or your friendly neighborhood Geek a piece of your mind but felt like an idiot yelling at your computer speakers… Now if your chance… Just remember, I’m the swarthy one and Scott is the one who thinks Kevin Costner is the superior Wyatt Earp.

See you at 7pm at Barracuda for Rick Emerson Listener Party Ten – Emerson History X!


*Yelling really isn’t the best way to get our attention… I’ve found that a Jack and Coke works best…

Can’t Think of a Witty Title…

Now that I think about it, that title works. Not for any creative reason, but because every writer needs the “Can’t Think of a Title”, title… So, there is mine. If I do it again, I demand that you fine readers call me out on it, gently please.

Ten years huh? Dang, that is a long time to talk about The Sopranos, rock bands, and Sci-Fi babes. (See previous entry). Still, glad someone out there does it. Even better, that it is Emerson and the crew. On Thursday, April 19 (in the year of our Lord) 2007 at 7pm at Barracuda, we will all hoist our beverage of choice to the best damn show in Portland… and beyond! (Even to the Land of the Rising Sun it would seem).

Not to get all maudlin and sappy, but it is not an exaggeration to state that there wouldn’t be a Geek in the City (for better or worse, depending on your view) without this show. And, even more important and personal, there may never have been a Mrs. Geek in the City without the bitter and addictive Rick Emerson Show… But, that is a tale for later.

For now, I will see you all at Rick Emerson Listener Party 10 – Emerson History X

Where: Barracuda – 9 NW 2nd Ave.
When:Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 7pm
Cost: Nothing, except perhaps your liver and eardrums… But really, who needs those?!
Who: Rick, Tim, Sarah, um Soctty J… Clyde LewisHit Me Baby… Emerson Starship… The Low (don’t back out now dude)… Vanished Twin taking the hot pics… Special Mystery Guest (you’ll never get it out of me)… The usual gang of sexy Freaks and Geeks…and… a couple of movie chuckleheads… w00t!

What Went Wrong?

Well, we are now two weeks in and Grindhouse slipped to number 10 at the box office. One step closer to being forgotten. I know folks are probably sick to death of this film “experience” (as the numbers prove), however, I just can’t let something as fun and special as Grindhouse slip into the Hollywood ether without so much as a gasp. Therefore, you will just have to bear with me on this one… Or, come back later when I get back to the real reason you read this site… Sci-Fi babes. (Little bit of Google optimization there, every time I type Sci-Fi babes, I go up one more notch within these interwebs… Sci-Fi babes). Sorry, little diversion there… Anyway, over the past 10 days or so, I’ve been flooded with emails from people asking if I had any idea why Grindhouse tanked so very hard. First, if I knew the true answer, I wouldn’t need to write on this site… Second… I don’t really know.

But, I got some ideas.

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