Episode 23 – The Black Dahlia & Drunken Commentary!!!

Film Fever Radio – Episode 21

On this fantastic episode of Film Fever Radio, Scott Dally looks at the second Noir style film of the year: The Black Dahlia. Directed by one of Scott’s favorite directors, Brian De Palma, The Black Dahlia covers the strange events around one of the most infamous murders of the 20th Century. Find out if the film was worth the hype… Also, Aaron and Scott compare the release of the “Theatrical Editions” of Star Wars to DVD (DON’T BUY THEM), to the CBS / Paramount “HD Restoration” of Star Trek, the Original Series… and why one is good for the fans and why the other yet another slap in the face. Also, DO NOT forget to download the first in a series of Film Fever Radio Drunken Fan Commentary Series. This 4-part podcast will not be available on iTunes. It is just too profane and will get us kicked off the “airwaves”. You can only download it at www.filmfeverradio.com

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Strange Brew – Drunken Commentary!

The time has come. The first in a monthly series of Film Fever Radio Drunken Commentary Shows. Each month, Aaron and Scott of Film Fever Radio will choose an iconic “Geek” film to comment on, all while consuming mass amounts of liver destroying products. It’s like what you Geeks do on the weekends, they just attached a mic! Each month a revolving cast of commentators will add their voice (and rambling) to the commentary. This month, Film Fever Radio and Geek in the City are joined by Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio and Jayesunn Krump and Aaron Barnard of Vanished Twin Photography Be sure to download all 4 parts into your MP3 player of choice, play them in sequential order. Once downloaded, start your own copy of Strange Brew when “the lion burps”… We’re nothing, if not classy!

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