Staying Warm – While on Ice.

That title didn’t make any sense at all. They rarely do, except for that small moment when I think of them and shout: Gold! Anyway, your friendly neighborhood Geek doesn’t mind the ass-numbing cold so much. Partly because I grew up in this stuff and may have been saved by subzero temperatures after a poor round of snowmobile jousting. Did you know blood freezes just as fast as water as it pours from a wound? I didn’t either…till that day. However, I understand that some folks can’t stand it, so as a public service (and because I lost my original notes), I present to you fine readers some ways to pass the time this weekend without shivering your teeth apart.

Event the 1st – Learn to Curl!

Perhaps this is not the best way to stay warm. However, for an event that takes place on ice it is relatively warm. Why? Because you will learn this fine sport within the capitalistically warmed halls of the Llyod Center Mall in NE Portland. The lessons cost $5.00 and take place on Saturday at 6pm. It should go without saying that the Curling will happen within the Lloyd skate ring (or is it rink? I can never remember). I take some measure of pride in the fact that I have always enjoyed the sport… However, as a wee Geek I played it a little differently… Substituting little brothers and sisters on those Captain America shield style sleds for the weight thingy… And a pile of… Never mind, just drop by if you want to learn.

Event the 2nd – Comic Book Art!

Portland has a freakish amount of professional comic book artists and writers living here (to say nothing of the would-be professionals trying to break in). It surprises me that there aren’t more shows like the one being put on by the skilled folks at Mercury Studios. If you want to see some proof of my endless ramblings about comics being real art, look no further then the Mercury Studios gallery at ArtBar. The showing runs Monday through Friday from 10am – 4:30pm at 1111 SW Broadway. See for yourself how much work goes into these funny books

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