Friendly Neighborhood…Iron-Spider?

I haven’t been following Spiderman for a while now. While the early stories by JMS were interesting, they just got old. To me, Spiderman has always been based in science. Granted, fantastical science, but still science. (I feel the same way about Superman as well, but that is for another time). Anyway, JMS mystical story about the possible truth behind the origin of Spiderman was interesting… For one story.

Now, it seems to have gotten a little wacky. Again, I will admit that I haven’t been following the current story very much. The Evolve or Die arc has far too many shades of the Clone Saga for me and I will have none of it. (Though I will pick up the Peter David book, see what he can do with it). Anyway, it would seem our friendly neighborhood Spiderman has a new suit. That is all well and good. Change can be fun now and then. Also looks like the suit is being designed by Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man. Okay, that could be cool as well… I’m always along for an interesting ride. The bad thing? Um, it would appear Mr. Stark took his design from creepy German artist H.R Giger… Which, um, would explain the metallic Lovecraftian Spider Penis growing from Peter Parker’s butt… What the hell? Click on your friendly Spider-Dom for the frightening proof…

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