Mess With One, You Get the League!

There are certain universal truths in this messed up universe. You do not break the code of men, you do not let Kevin Smith direct action scenes, and you sure as hell do not steal a Geek’s swag and not expect a backlash!

Got an email from Rick this morning bringing to my attention the plight of a one Charlie Eakman. A young Geek in Pittsburgh, PA. Now, being a young Geek is hard enough. However, Charlie must live with muscular dystrophy, an affliction that prevents the most basic of movement you and I take for granted. Regardless, this young Geek earned enough money all on his own (through a never-ending slew of straight “A” grades that his Aunt pays him $10 a pop for) to buy his own Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, and the games that go with them.

A few nights ago some heartless jag-offs broken into his house and stole them all.

Emerson show listener and long-time fan, Seumas Froemke, contacted Rick about this story. (Seumas runs, among other things,, and is, himself, a geek of the highest variety.) Seumas has started a campaign to right the situation, which you can read about here.

I can only hope that my little writing can help bring even more attention to this issue. Sure, there are bigger things going on in this world… Nevertheless, sometimes, these little events bring us together.

One of our own has been affected and that makes it hard to not take it personal.

Check out the site Seumas has started to help young Charlie at

We speak of the Geek pride… Time to show it!

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