Visoda – A Portland Brew.

It is a known fact that Geeks are forever on the lookout for the next best drink. Be it during fragging or rolling dice or otherwise engaging in general Geekiness, we love our beverages. Now, I know what you are thinking, “dude, everyone likes to drink, what makes your people so special”? Well, nothing really, however, your friendly neighborhood Geek understands the lengths my peoples will go for the ultimate in “up all night” drinks. The GitC lawyers have again asked me to remind you fine readers that Geek in the City is only speaking of true and legal beverages and any other form of stimulation is wrong and should be avoided. (Regardless of how funny and malleable a stoned Dungeon Master may be). Until recently, our choices of stimulating drinks have been pretty lean. They have been limited to the crappy tasting Red Bull, the painfully clich?d Jolt, or vast amounts of coffee. Well, a small but growing company in Portland, OR is looking to change all that. Geeks, I present to you the finest in beverages:

I know it is easy to simply keep pounding the coffee or the Mountain Dew for your all night dungeon crawl or PvP fest, but the sad fact is, that crap will kill us Geeks faster than the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. We have much to thank Alex and the rest of the dudes at Visoda for creating a drink that not only tastes pretty dang good but is, gasp, good for us as well. With six flavors currently on the shelves (with a few more coming soon), chances are high you will find one that suites your taste. I should tell everyone now, not all the flavors count as the “energy” variety. Only the naturally cane sugared Vigor and its sugar-free counterpart Will contain caffeine. Drinkers beware: These are not your normal energy drink; these bad boys are equal to three very strong cups ?o Joe. When I asked Alex why only caffeine and not other ingredients like other energy drinks he boldly stated: “Simple, all those ingredients other companies put in are crap and don’t actually do anything other than raise the cost. As for the 300 milligrams of caffeine, well, any less wasn’t enough and anymore made it taste like ass”. Ah, honesty, nothing like a good shot of it in todays corporate world.

More than a soda.

Trying to do more than provide a tasty beverage, the folks at Visoda also want us to live a little healthier. Not an easy task as my peoples are known for not giving a tinker’s cuss what goes into our bodies. Anyway, Alex and the Visoda crew mix essential vitamins and minerals into their drink. All kinds of good stuff that I can’t pronounce, but needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even the sugar they use is better for you. Unlike most soda companies that choose the cheap corn syrup route, the Visoda crew trucks in evaporated Cane juice. Just trust me, its better for you and it tastes better. I realize this write-up has that infomercial sound to it and it a way it is. However, it is so rare to find a company that is so honest about what they make. It is also great that these guys are in our backyard, gotta’ show that Portland pride! And, as does many a fine Portland company, Visoda wants to give back to the community that has helped them grow. Visoda gives 10% of its after-tax profits to charitable organizations. Drop Alex a line if you think your group should be added to their list of charities. (Real charities, not Committee to buy me more World of Warcraft gold)!

Where to buy this fine brew.
Visoda can be found in your better stores all over the Portland metro area, Eugene, and Seattle (with more locations being added all the time). However, your friendly neighborhood Geek likes to pick his up at Backspace while rolling the dice or fragging his friends online. You can also order your drinks by the case directly from their site. Portland residents are encouraged to drop Alex an email before ordering, as it is sometimes quicker to just pick your case up. If you’re lucky, he’ll give you a quick tour as well… Better take advantage now, cause at the rate Visoda is growing, Alex and the gang won’t have much time to give you that personal touch. However, regardless of how you get it, you owe it to yourself to give Visoda a taste. It’s a good drink from good dudes who support local charities and (knowingly or not) have a D20 as their symbol!

Until next time… Drink up and don’t panic!

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