Chapter 6 – Us? Tiny? I Think Not!

The fight continues on. The powers at Entercom Management have dug in deep. This is the last action of a losing side. To the public, they call the actions of the fans “tiny” and “disposable”. Friends, we are NOT tiny nor are we disposable, as is proven by the fact that they send out inter-office e-mails thanking everyone for their hard work as they are bombarded by complaints, letters, calls, and mugs!

Erin Hubert claimed that the MAX910 listener was tiny… Let us take a look at the word “tiny”.

From the Oxford English Dictionary:
TINY – adjective (tinier, tiniest) very small.

While Hubert and Hutchison may like to make claims about MAX910 having a “tiny” audience, the numbers simply do not ad up…

Let us consult the Book of Facts, chapter 1, Ratings:

Within the ever coveted male 25-54 demographic, the Rick Emerson Show boasted numbers that exceeded both KISN’s middays and The Fan’s afternoon show… While Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis exceeded all other weekend overnight broadcasts. Neither the 1080 The Fan (Entercom’s other AM station) or KISN, the station that replaced MAX 910 can make such a boast.

It should also be noted that Emerson and Lewis achieved said ratings with a vastly underpowered radio signal of 5,000 watts, while 1080 The Fan blasts at 50,000 watts and the dead KISN 97.1 (now Charlie FM) pounds the airwaves with 100,000 watts. One would think they could beat the tiny little 5,000 watt Emerson and Lewis…Alas, no.

Book of Facts, chapter 2, Live Events:

1080 The Fan’s Superbowl Party at the Viper Room: 8 attendants.
MAX 910 and Rick Emerson’s Listener Party 8 at the Viper Room: 523 attendants.

The above numbers were provided by the staff of the Viper Room. These are very impressive numbers for such a “tiny” audience. Maybe the audience isn’t as tiny as Entercom management would like the public to believe. Or, perhaps Freaks and Geeks just know how to party… I think it’s a wee bit from both!

I do not in anyway want to take away from the hard work and effort the local talent at 1080 The Fan puts in. That is a great group of guys over there. But, I wonder how long before Entercom decides they can make more money by running the Fan by a computer as well?

It is obvious that ratings and fan loyalty can not protect a show under the hand of Entercom, just ask any KISN DJ or MAX 910 talent sent packing.

I’ve been asked if perhaps we should turn our attention to other stations within the Portland area. Believe me when I say, the other stations ARE paying attention. The actions of the fans is being noticed and taken to heart.

Keep up all the hard work. Please, continue to keep your comments civil. No matter how nasty the replies you receive become, you must remain polite. There is nothing more aggravating then a person who won’t yell back!

Be sure to attend Ground Zero Lounge with Clyde Lewis and Dr. Larry Johns at Dante’s this evening at 7:30. Good friends, good drink, good stories… It’s like hanging out at Helms Deep, but without the Orcs! Dante’s is on SW 3rd and West Burnside

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