Everything else is crap and it’s not even loc…D’oh…

Well, it has been a week of unpleasantness in the land of Portland radio. On the plus side, the few remaining employees within the Entercom building have a whole grip of ways to keep their coffee from spilling. (Except from me, as I am certain my mugs broke…good…broken mugs for a broken company)…Whew, that was bitter.


I just wanted to give a completely massive and never big enough thanks to everyone who is working hard to get our shows back on the air.

I am hearing that the Coffee Cup Crusade is making a difference! What started as a slight drip has turned into a heavy flow…Ewww…Sorry about that imagery. But, you folks get the point.

I’ve had a few people e-mail me asking just why the hell I’m doing this. Why does it matter if some local talent is taken off the air? Folks just use the radio for background noise anyway, right?

Absolutely not!

Let me give you fine folks a little recap…

Local bands given real air time since 4/22/2005: ZERO
Local filmmakers promoted since 4/22/2005: ZERO
Local authors allowed a forum since 4/22/2005: ZERO
Non Clear Channel concerts promoted since 4/22/2005: ZERO
Amount of respect big business gives you since 4/22/2205: ZERO

Do not let automation take your community away! Do not let corporate radio erode your neighborhoods! Do not let Entercom get away with this! Keep sending those mugs!

It is working!

The sponsers are nervous about losing business

It is working!

Management sees a shrinking bottom line.

It is working!

You, me, we, the fans and listeners, are making it work!

Mosh! Fight! Yell! Scream!

Besides… Revenge of the Sith is coming out soon… Who the hell else is gonna’ give us a public forum to bitch about Lucas!?

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