These Are the Geeks in Your Neighborhood

There won’t be many deep discoveries made in this installment… not that there often is, but still. This would fit nicely in the “tales from the city” style of rambling. Living in a new neighborhood, I decided to start using a new bank as well. I’m in a new neighborhood, new bank, new account, same old no money. As I wait for the new card to arrive in the mail I have to pop on in the bank whenever I need some cash…

I promise, this gets better…

I’m dressed in my GL Corp t-shirt, little faded, but it fits oh so well. Door swings open, the guard smiles at me and I smile back… In the distance I hear:

In brightest day!

From within a cubicle at the far end of the bank, a head pops out like a shirt and tie wearing Prairie Dog:

No evil shall escape my sight!

I can’t help but laugh a bit to myself. It doesn’t fail, every time I wear this shirt I get someone to react to it. The most common statement is, “Green Lantern rocks”… This is followed closely by, “Jordan or Rayner”? (Email me, I’ll explain). There are even a few punks who look me in the eye and have the stones to ask, “You know what that even is”? Fools. But this, this voice from beyond the cubicle is something new. I simply must go along.

Let those who worship evils might.

The man literally jumps from his desk behind his carpet covered particle board office. He’s coming at me like Sinestro looking to lay down the pain. He’s got that look in his eye; the look that all Geek’s have when they recognize one of their own among the straights. Grinning he raises his fist in the air:

Beware my power!

We stand in the middle of a major corporate bank. Not a single person is working or conducting business. Every single one of them is watching the two dorks on the floor. Out of reflex my arm pulls back, my hand clenches into a fist. The banker does the same. His arm pulled back. His Men’s Warehouse suit stretching a bit at the seams. My faded comic book shirt doing the stretching. Both our arms fly at full power at each other. Our fists hit each other with a sickening thud:


Believe it a not, not one single word is exchanged between us after that. We grin a bit, give the dude nod and go our separate ways. He, goes back to his desk and I get my twenty bucks.

So, rest easy citizens. Rest easy in the thought that you’re kept safe by the Green Lantern Corp…

Or something like that.

Until next time… Avoid anything yellow.

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