Remote Control

From the creators of Bigger than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock and Roll Fan comes Remote Control, the gripping story of fandom, ferocity, and the dangerous game of corporate brinksmanship.

Originally conceived as a response to the cancellation of ABC’s Sports Night, Remote Control quickly grew in relevance as a record number of promising series were cut short by their networks. Here, available on one DVD, is the short feature in its entirety, as well as multiple commentaries from cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage, and scenes from early rehearsals. Biting and relentless, Remote Control is for anyone who ever lost their favorite show.

The Remote Control DVD contains:

25 minute film
Commentary by Rick Emerson and Joni DeRouchie
Drunken commentary by Clyde Lewis and Aaron Geek in the City
Behind-the-Scenes documentaries
Extended scenes

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