Lucas killing my childhood softly

You notice that every time I claim to not fall behind anymore on my ramblings, I then promptly fall behind? I then start said post slacking rant with the claim that life has been hectic for your friendly neighborhood Geek… Then, like a student trying to increase his word count on his paper on the Industrial Revolution (which, by the way, was a revolution for industry) I go into some diatribe about just what prevented me from posting on a regular basis. Well, I promise I will not do that this time. I promise that I will simply move onto to what I wanted to talk about… Nope, no wasted space here my friends. No milking of an opening paragraph. Just gonna’ get to the point…

Lucas messes with my head…

By now most people have probably seen the new Episode III trailer, well, at least the people who read this site. As always, the trailer is visually pleasing and does a good job of getting normal fans excited about the “final” film in the Star Wars saga. I will admit that Lucas has again sucked me in and made me interested in a movie that a few months ago I really didn’t care about. Yet, the key phrase is “interested”. See, when I saw the Episode I trailer for the very first time my heart raced. It looked completely amazing. This was going to be the greatest film of all time. This movie was going to blow everything out of the water. Course, as we all know… It really didn’t. Sure, it made some serious coin, but no one really cared for it. Even children, whom Lucas claimed was the target audience, were a tad under whelmed by the movie. I tried to convince people and myself that the movie was the way it was because Episode I was all about the build up. The sad truth; the movie sucked Jabba FCC DELTED… Attack of the Clones? Well, it only sucked Ewok FCC DELTED. I know, not much of an improvement, but still, baby steps.

It’s interesting that people who only consider themselves passing fans of Star Wars are more interested in seeing Revenge of the Sith then the “true fans” are. The lovely and talented Illusionaire watched the trailer and said, “Okay, this looks like one I would actually enjoy”. Where as my good friend, whom we’ll call “Tinker”, (you know who you are, mister “lets build a fireball catapult on a wooden ship”), can’t get excited at all. He even mentioned maybe putting it on his rental list. Ask any Geek, that is a harsh assessment of a film.

So, if the past two flicks were junk and Lucas insists on screwing with the “original” trilogy ever time he gets a new effects program; why do I get interested when I watch the new Episode III trailer?

Simple…and I can’t believe I’m saying this… Lucas knows what he’s doing.

Hold on now. Don’t start flaming me yet. I’ll explain.

For good or worse, Star Wars is Lucas’ baby. No one else can tell him what to do with it. It’s all his. Although he has long since turned into the Empire, Lucas is, by all definitions an independent filmmaker. It is that small part of him that I find myself pulling for every time I watch the trailer. Lucas has completely alienated himself from the Hollywood machine. I’m not sure if he’s gone as far as Robert Rodriquez (burning his DGA card), but Lucas hasn’t made many friends in tinsel town. By all rights, he should be a Hollywood golden boy. Lucasfilm makes tons of money. Skywalker Sound and ILM have set the standard in post production work. Yet, he still lives on the outside of the system. That is the part that I find myself pulling for now. I watch the early behind the scenes clips when Lucas first made Star Wars. I read the interviews about a man trying really hard to bring his heroic vision to the screen, only to be turned down over and over again. I find myself pulling for the Lucas that was able to keep Star Wars his own, he didn’t bend when Fox pressed him, and for better or worse, he didn’t bend when fans pressed him. He is, in everyway, (at least on paper) the rebel filmmaker.

Then again…

There is something to be said about taking the advice of people who may know aspects of filmmaking a wee bit more you. It would be nice if Lucas has paid attention to his own history and wrote around it, not using his newest toys to re-write everything. It might help if goes back to school and learns how to direct actors. It might be better if he stops messing with MY memories of Star Wars!

Course, I guess that isn’t his job. His job is to do what he thinks is best with his stories. I guess I can’t hold that against him.

At least, not for now…

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