You’re a Geek…Deal!

I made an interesting discovery of late, and no, for once this discovery did not happen as I was scanning various gaming books. This one hit me in a smoke filled bar with drunken football fans, it was similar to a late night Star Trek convention…But with cowboy boots. The discovery? People seem to have this desire to express their secret Geeky knowledge to me, like a nerdy priest the masses come to me to confess their dork sins. People I would never expect come up to me and complain about the state of Trek, or if I’d read the current issue of X-Men… The most recent event happened over the cheers of a Patriot touchdown. A certain woman whom I will not name to protect her street cred walked up to me and asked:

“How do you feel about Enterprise being canceled”?

At first I simply thought she was being nice and attempting to make small talk. When I told her that I was glad all I got back was a look of pain and shock.

“What? What do you mean? I loved that show! It sucks that they canceled it… I really loved it”.

She wasn’t joking, true Geeks know the face of the fan who watched their show get axed. She was making that face, painfully so. Talking about the state of Trek for a little while longer, we parted ways…

Then it hit me. Almost everyone has a touch of the Geek in them.

Let me give yet another example (actually, all I have are examples…this ramble fest isn’t really going anywhere).

It was a wonderful new years eve, sitting in yet another bar inhaling vast amounts of second hand smoke (yes, my life is really only a series of Role Playing Games and Jack and Cokes). Anyway, I start to drunkenly stammer on about how Lucas is the devil and that history will look back and mock Star Wars fans for being so loyal to the flanneled one. Yet another woman, who shall also remains nameless, began to laugh at me for being “such a dork”. While I can’t deny that statement, I was able to take her to task when her date came to my defense (cause you gotta’ protect your own).

“Okay pot, you want to tell the kettle how you stood outside of Anne Rice’s house for hours”?

Ha! Busted woman!

Being a Geek doesn’t mean you are limited to Sci-Fi movies, comics, and funky shaped dice. Let me break the news to you. If you spend a good chunk of your visit to New Orleans outside of a vampire author’s house in a sad, sad attempt to catch a glimpse of the gothic one… You are a big ?ol GEEK! Just deal with it baby… The nerd gene is in you, it just manifests itself in vampiric prose.

There is really nothing wrong with being a Geek. Be one with your geekiness. You’ll be a happier person for it. Once you embrace your inner dork you can accomplish anything.

Um…well…This rant kinda’ fell apart didn’t it? Oh well…

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