Never Trust the Combos

No, I’m not talking about extra value meals, although those aren’t too good for you either. No, I speak of the combo Geek store. The store that tries to combine comics with sports cards and/or sports memorabilia. When you think about it, these places really shouldn’t exist. As a rule, most Geeks tend to stay the hell away from the group that would give two craps about Joe Montana’s signed Superbowl blah, blah helmet. Think about it. All through high school these were the people that thought you were a huge dork for knowing the original opening date of Star Wars or who drew the best version of Silver Surfer (5/25/77 and Jack Kirby, just FYI). Yet, they found it completely acceptable to memorize the stats of one player or another, or to know who hit more home runs in a dome. Yea, I know, lame…

So why the hell would we want to hang out together at a store?

So why the hell would we want to hang out together at a store?

I don’t know, and yet some small business owners think it’s a great idea. Look, I have nothing against sports people. You have your hobby and I have mine. That’s fine my friends. Here in lies the problem I have with the combo stores. They tend to only cater to the sports folks. You ask to store owner what is new on the comic horizon that you might like and you tend to get the same look over and over again.

“Um, I don’t really know. I don’t stay on top of comics very much”.

Okay, so why do you sell them?

“Might as well, why not”?

Um, alright…Do you know if you have have any copies of Cloak and Dagger oversized from?


So, you get my point right? Now I’m not talking about a comicbook shop that carries some packs of Topps or Fleer cards. Most of your better comicbook shops will carry all kinds of cards and that includes your more basic sports cards, but as a rule it ends there. Rare is the comicbook shop that also carries large amounts of sports memorabilia and have extensive knowledge about both. There are of course, exceptions, like the great Portland local Collection Connection. They are one of the few stores that has employees that have a passion for both. Always ask for the dad if you want to talk about Superman. Want to talk about the Seahawks, look for his son.

Mind you, there are combo stores that work. There are few things that can get a Geek excited then the sight of the comicbook / RPG store. (Such other awesome sites would include comicbook / arcade, comicbook / sci-fi memorabilia store, or a friggen REAL Portman nude scene, not like that crap in Closer). This also makes me wonder why some industrious small business owner hasn’t attempted to create the sports store / beer store. That really should be a no-brainer, kinda’ like those “Ah, you got chocolate in my peanut butter” commercials. One side of the store can be a hypodermic needle signed by Barry Bonds, while the other side of the store can have a case of Shotz. Hell, I’d go there… If only to taunt the jocks who have long since lost their glory days…

Tune in next time when I explain that Fantasy Football people are bigger dorks then Dungeon Mastas. Hell, they’re dorkier then LARPers…

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