On a cool summer night 50 years ago the people of Japan were attacked by an atomic horror that leveled cities and shrugged off bullets and bombs like an AT-AT squashing dirty rebels. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Blob, Freddy, Gamera, and all the collected monsters of celluloid must bow their heads in fear and awe at the Silver Screens greatest monster of all the. The one, the only, the legendary GODZILLA!

At the close of 2004, Toho Entertainment will be writing the final chapter in Godzilla’s 50 year reign of joyous mayhem. But have no fear Man in Suit fans this will not be a lame ass farewell tour, your favorite Nuclear Lizard is going out in a world destroying blaze of glory in the film Godzilla: FINAL WARS! No less then TEN, count them, TEN monsters and TEN cities will have their asses handed to them by the Great Green One.

And who are the unlucky punks who think they can bring down the King of all Monsters?

Gigan, Minya, Mothra, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Manda, King Caesar, Hedorah the Smog Monster, and Monster X…each and everyone beaten into submission! But wait you say, that’s only nine beasts! You would be correct. For months Toho entertainment kept the tenth and final monster a secret. But now, with negotiations settled and agreed upon with Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures, Man in Suit fans can have their Geek dreams fulfilled. In the city of Sydney, Australia, the creation known as GINO (that’s Godzilla In Name Only – or simply, that crappy CGI Godzilla) will face the one and only Rubber Suit Godzilla in a last monster standing, Thunderdome style battle royal! Sure, we know who’s going to win, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have a hell of a time watching Devlin’s beast get smacked around.

Although many modern fans dismiss Godzilla as simple popcorn entertainment it must be remembered that Godzilla helped a country deal with a horror that they simply did not want to face. Godzilla was the living embodiment of an arms race that was quickly growing out of control.

Most Americans have only been exposed to the Raymond Burr re-cut that downplays the theme of nuclear holocaust and the threat it presented to the world. Thankfully, Godzilla’s 50th birthday has allowed fans on this side of the Pacific to enjoy the original film as it was intended, sans Perry Mason.

While Toho Entertainment claims that this will be the last time we see the big Green Guy on film, something tells me we’ve yet to witness the final tail slap.

Godzilla has survived tanks, jets, missiles, dragons, aliens, robots, and Roland Emmerich…I think he can survive for 50 more years and beyond…

Finally…a haiku…

Summoned from the bomb,
atomic breath cities fall.
Man in Suit, you rule.