Feeling Reflective.

Okay, so this one isn’t that Geeky (hell, who am I kdding…EVERYTHING I write is Geeky). Anyway, not so much rambling as it is rememberance… Enjoy or not…

History is ripe with pairings of people who seem destined to be together: Frank and Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Frank Garrett, Bonnie and Clyde, etc. Literature is much the same way; it too loves a good pairing Robin Hood and Little John, Butch and Sundance, Hawkeye and Trapper. Why however, do these pairings of people always appear to be working just a little to the outside of society? Why can’t they fit in with everyone else? I don’t have the answer to that question, all I can really do is add to the ever-growing list of these people.

I met my friend very early on, during the first terrifying days of Kindergarten. He was the odd looking kid in the corner who wouldn’t play with the other students no matter how much the teacher asked him to. Of course, it didn’t help that by the age of five he was already cursed with half-inch thick glasses, and we all know what that means to other black hearted five-year-olds. This kid though, something just seemed all right about him to me, so against the advice of a large youth whom I’d already met (who is other story entirely), I approached the lone kid. It had begun. This also unknowingly, marked me as a cast-off within the class. This was inevitable though, as the kids would soon learn that it was good fun to tease overweight students, little bastards. That however is another story.

We became steadfast friends, all through the mocking and teasing we stood by each other. We would regress to the darkest of the corners of the playground, only there were we able to enter our fantasy world where the laughter quieted. No one could hurt us in the safe world we had created; not even the vile goblins we hunted could bring us harm. Defenders of the Realm! That’s what we were, and for a few years nothing could pull us from that enchanted wood. Then, very suddenly really, I was pulled from the public school system and sent to the church up on the hill. It seems I wasn’t stimulated enough in class, so I left. I spent two years in that haven of banality, and unlike everything else in my life, there isn’t another story that goes along for it.

I was quickly returned to the public, released for good behavior. My friend though, was nowhere to be found. The months turned to years, and soon I was in junior high school. So there I was lonely, angry, introverted little brat who wouldn’t give the time of day to anyone. Except for that huge kid from kindergarten who always stayed close to me, he was unshakable by my moods. Then one day while walking the track discussing the finer points of the X-Men, I heard a group of kids of in the forbidden corners of the playground, places where the weeds still grew tall. A place where goblins could hide! I slowly approached the edge of the field. There he was, leading a new group of daring adventurers into the heart of darkness. So like a Greek hero accending the abyss, I walked up to him. His face lit up upon the recognition of his old war buddy. We were back, and nothing was going to separate us again! At the days end we forged a note that allowed him to ride the bus to my home. Together we strode into my home, my family elated and terrified at the re-discovery of my long lost friend. And so, after the necessary butt chewing involved with lying and forgery we forged our pact.

Never again would we let the outside would separate us again, and if we couldn’t hide our oddity, by the gods we would revel in it! With a newly forged armor of friendship we fought the evils of junior high. Nothing jolted us. Not the jeers from his raised middle finger to a wrathful teacher as he got his junior high diploma. Nothing bothered us; we knew deep down that were we just being honest with the world and ourselves. So, along with that huge giant from Kindergarten (whom we couldn’t do without now) my friend and I marched into a new forest, filled with new evils. The public high school system, but that is a whole other story.

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