The First One is Free

I was taking a look at the fall line-up for television this year. It’s looking pretty grim friends. I understand that there are more important issues in the world then the “mans” autumn programming. But dammit, I need some good escapism and the powers that be just don’t seem to care. I don’t have ANY love for “reality” television (and to those that think this stuff ISN’T scripted, I got some GREAT items to sell you, trust me, I’ve met the writers). Can’t really stand sitcoms either, in fact I can count on one hand the ones that I feel are worth my time, sadly only one is still being made (go Scrubs). That leaves me with well made dramas and the ever-so hard to pull off “dramadie”. Again, it looks pretty grim. So, with that bleak viewing future I offer one of my (many) ideas to the public. If by some freak chance a suit reads this, take it, it’s yours… Just remember to give this unemployed Geek a job! Truthfully, this idea should be aimed squarely at the fine folks at the WB…

The Legion

That’s right, a series based on a comic book started in the early 1960s. Trust me. It’s gold. Follow me on this one.

The Legion (or Legion of Superheroes as it is known to you “old timers”) is a book about a group of superheroes in the 30th century. These super powered teens have pledged their lives to protecting the peoples of the Galactic Federations; all while trying to over come their own prejudges. See where this is going yet?

Okay, let’s break it down network style:

ONE – The show would be sexy. With a few exceptions, The Legion is made up of late teen and early twenties characters. In fact, “old” characters only exist in the book to spew wisdom and give dire warnings of coming evils, ancient doom or some crap like that. With that in mind the WB can create a show that DEMANDS young, sexy, and prime of their life actors without messing with the comic’s core audience.

TWO – The show would be action packed. The Legion is all about defending the galaxy from all the evils the said galaxy has to offer. In fact, this show would pull in both the action fans AND the science fiction fans. In one episode, the characters can fight space monsters and then travel to a backwards planet and do the old school ground fighting. Maybe toss in a little time travel to boot.

THREE – Riding the comic book movie trend. Smallville gets good ratings and critical acclaim. Although Buffy and Angel may be gone, the DVD sales and syndication ratings show that the fans are still there. Know it or not, Buffy and Angel were comic book shows in theme and style. So, you know that audience is there. Since the book deals with future technology you can take villains from ANY time and ANY title within DC Comics.

FOUR – The show would be a soap opera for the 18-35 market. The OC is getting great ratings, sure it’s crap, but it pulls in some good numbers. By default, The Legion is pretty high in drama as many of the characters tend to bump heads. And, since they are a group of late teens and early twenties, there is loving and back-stabbing galore!

FIVE – The show can have all the new characters you want. Ok, so this may piss off some of the fanboys (and girls). But, since The Legion is so vast in terms of characters you would have carte blanch to do as you wish. Just toss in a couple of known folks (Brainiac 5, Ultra Boy, Saturn Girl, etc.) and you’re good to go!

SIX – The show would cost NOTHING for the WB to get. See, here is where the idea is truly gold. Warner Brothers OWNS DC Comics. The Legion is a DC Comics title. With that in mind, the WB could begin production without having to acquire one single stinking license. Come on dudes! What are you waiting for? This idea is gold…and it’s yours. Take it. TAKE IT!

That’s it. No more will I give away. Any idea I have after this one you slackers have to hire me and get me on your staff. That’s it, period.

End of line.

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