Better the Second Time Around

Ugh, it’s around 1:30 in the afternoon and I’ve only been up about 30 minutes. Anyone who knows me understands that this is a big deal. But, it was RPG time last night (and this morning) and so sleep was not attempted until a few hours ago. Plus, the friggen daylight saving times! Who can I blame for THAT idea… Great when you are a wee Geek wanting to ride bikes longer into the night, but not so much when you are a resting DM trying to stay out of the sun’s rays! As I look back at my previous ramblings I can see that EVERY second Sunday has a poor (and even non-existent) entry. Well, that will probably be the cast from now until eternity… Oh well, at least I acknowledge it. As I sit here and recover from last nights slaying I find myself looking at my movie collection and noticed that I have some films that many folks believe are brainless boring crap! As I looked at them through heavy eyelids I realized that I like these movies more with each new viewing…

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Yes, I heard all the jokes and made most of them myself. Star Trek: The Motion-less Picture. Those cheese ball white unitard, unipiece, unilame, uniforms. Kirk and his Dick Tracy wrist communicator. Dr. McCoy and his big ass gold medallion (don’t remember it, go rent it and pay attention when he first beams on board. I’ll be damned is he didn’t just come from a Hefner swingers party). I’ll also admit that the movie does drag, painfully slow at times. There are only so many shots of the Enterprises’ exterior or that dang V’Ger cloud one can take. But, as I watch it more the more I come to understand that as a “pure” Trek film it is more honest to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision then MOST of the other films. This is probably due to the fact that it was intended to be a pilot episode for the Star Trek – Phase II for the never launched Paramount television network. Director Robert Wise (the old school Hollywood genius for which we have West Side Story) had a daunting task ahead of him. Paramount wanted THEIR Star Wars. The problem was that Star Trek never was nor wanted to be Star Wars. They were of two different philosophies. And please, DO NOT attempt to engage me in Trek vs. Wars, I WON’T do it! The movie is very human in it’s heart. A basic desire of what turns out to be a child searching for it’s family, it’s creator, it?s purpose. Questions that humanity has asked since they first looked upon their world and asked “why”. Go rent (or buy) the restored Directors cut, supervised by Wise himself (who kept ALL his notes and storyboards KNOWING that one day he would get to make the film HE wanted people to see). Watch it with an open mind. A mind not tainted by modern Hollywood jump cuts and break neck action speeds. You’ll find yourself watching an honest and very human bit of Science Fiction storytelling.

Okay, so this won’t take as much selling as the above film. But, I still know many people that wish to forget Kevin Smith’s second film outing. Hell, try to find a mention of the film on the back of ANY of his follow up flicks! Let me tell you this though, I love this movie, I loved it the first time I saw it in the theater! A theater I had to travel 85 miles to catch cause the local one wouldn’t carry it (they also wouldn’t carry Boyz ?N the Hood either, but that rant is for another time). Anyway, I laughed my ass off! Sure, it didn’t have the raw edginess of Clerks but I found myself forming my now full on love for Kevin Smith in Mallrats! The movie is brainless fun as it is. However, I ORDER you to rent (better yet, buy) the DVD. You will NEVER find anything funnier then the commentary on Mallrats. Consisting of Kevin Smith, Jason “Phat Buds” Mewes, Jason Lee, Scott Mosier, Vincent Perera, and Ben Affleck; this is the funniest commentary EVER made (with Evil Dead 2 coming in a close second). You’ll find yourself wishing you could be there drinking Mountain Dew and chain-smoking! Just trust me on this one friends. You will enjoy the DVD. Flat out good times!

ALIEN 3 –This one out of all three movies mentioned here will be the hardest sell. I will admit that when I first saw this movie I flat out hated it! As did everyone else. I know some folks to this day have never forgiven David Fincher for killing Ripley. To his credit this wasn’t really his idea. David was brought in to a picture that was already doomed for failure. Fox wanted an action packed sequel to the action filled Aliens! What they got was a dark apocalyptic film that appears to have been filmed though a shit filled gauze. A look that earned Fincher the hate of many and later their praise when he directed the gritty Seven, Hollywood huh? I find myself liking this film more and more with each viewing. I can’t watch it very often as it grates on the soul pretty hard. The movie has NO fun moments. Even the heroic scenes are followed by the demise of whomever was acting with heroism. Like Star Trek and Mallrats, Alien 3 is better appreciated through the medium of DVD. You get to see the film as Fincher intended it. It’s possible that I enjoyed the behind the scenes footage (all 3 hours of it) more then the film itself. Alien 3 is still dark, dirty, vulgar, and nihilistic but has some great acting and character interaction missing in most of the Alien films. Take a look, keep an open mind, and I think you’ll like what you see.

Well, there you have it. I need to suck down a gallon of coffee and get me some food. Keep watching true believer!