Geeks Don’t Cry…Except.

Geeks are not known for their emotions. In fact, many pride themselves on the fact that they have become hardened from years of insults and taunts. There are even some who make a choice to no longer show emotions in an attempt to mimic their favorite Vulcan or Android. But, there are a few times when even the most jaded of geeks is allowed to shed some tears…

Losing a best friend – Geeks don’t make as many friends as most folks. Through evolution we have become a pretty insular group. The few friends we do make are cherished that much more, so when we lose one it effects us deeply. However, as geeks our definition of friendship CAN and DOES extend to characters we have grown attached to and may know better then we know ourselves. This would explain why I still swell up with the sniffles when I watch Spock head toward that Warp Reactor. I know it’s coming. I’ve known each of the 100 plus times I’ve watched that movie; hell, I know he’s going to come back but that doesn’t stop me from getting weepy. Don’t even ask what I do when he dies alone behind a wall of sealed glass. And yes, he does die ALONE, I don’t want to hear people say “But Kirk was.”…”But, they could.”… “But he.” Ah! Ah! No, Spock died alone dammit!

The testing of friendship – This may seem a little odd, but follow me on this. As I mentioned above, geeks don’t make many friends. Some of us have even been lured John Hughes style into thinking we’re popular only to have it thrown in our faces so all can have a hearty laugh at our expense. Which reminds me, be careful whom you tease, they make come back of take you out Sissy Spacek style! Now then, when geek friendships are put to the test and survive we can find ourselves a tad bit emotional. This normally results in us getting a little weepy when we are by ourselves, or we blame it on the hot as hell bean dip we made for game night. And, like watching a beloved celluloid friend die, watching a film friendship survive can move us to tears. This is shown no better then in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Now, I’m not going to give details because the movies are relatively new and I pride myself on being a non spoiler. However, let me just say that if Sean Austin doesn’t make you cry then you are a soulless bastard and have no right to call yourself a member of the human race! Bunch of Orcs’ses you are!

True Love – Ah, the rarest and most beautiful of all the emotions. If you think geeks have few friends you should see how few lovers we tend to take. Although I believe this can apply to most occupants of this planet. Rare is the person who can claim to have found true love. Every geek has that special movie they watch. They may claim it is a “guilty pleasure” or make a statement that “I used to watch it as a kid.” Don’t let that fool you though, if true love is the central theme then that geek watches it for one reason and one reason alone. He or she wants that feeling, and wants it bad! The main example being The Princess Bride. There isn’t a geek alive with whom that movie doesn’t hold a special place in their heart. They may start by claiming they like it cause of the fencing, or the ROUS’s, or for Andre the Giant. But, I know the truth. Geeks like that movie for the same reason EVERYONE likes that movie. It has one of the sweetest, most pure examples of true love one could wish for. We may not cry openly when we see it, but every geek gets that little knot in their throat when Wesley and Buttercup finally get to live happily ever after.