The Final Geek Taboo

I’ve long since come to terms with my pop culture geek status. I love Star Trek (except Voyager, SCREW Voyager), I love Star Wars (that love is waning though), I love horror movies, and I love comics. But, I have one final love… A love that even today I do not speak of openly to strangers. This is a love that is shared by many of my like minded brothers and sisters. But even in this enlightened day and age it is a love that we do not speak of among the public; alas this love can often make us pariah with our own kind…

What is this taboo I speak of? What pastime do I partake in that even other geeks mock? Well, to quote a fellow listener (who’s name escapes me): “I am a two-fisted, dice throwing, dungeon MASTA”! There, I’ve said it. I, The Geek in the City, am a hardcore Role Player! I ain’t talking about those online games that are so “trendy” right now. No way buddy. I talking about old skool funky dice tossing, tabletop sitting, greasy pizza eating, and basement playing ROLE PLAYING GAMES! I love them all (except GURPS, that one sucks ass). And, I’m no longer ashamed to say that I still love the granddaddy of them all… Dungeons and Dragons!

There was a time that I would justify my love for RPG’s by saying that it gives me another outlet to tell stories. This is true. But, even if I NEVER wrote a single story or script I would still love role-playing. The truth is I love the interaction and escapism of entering a new and exciting world with my friends. It’s like acting in a play with a plot that constantly evolves. It’s differant every time. I enjoy watching the growth of my fellow players as they act out their roles. We laugh together, we fight together, and at times we cry together.

This may seem strange to people that have never gamed, but think about this: When we go to a movie we expect to be entertained, emotional moved, and possibly morally challenged. And yet, movies (and television) are passive mediums. They are tales we demand so much from and yet have no control over. Try to imagine an experience that evokes the same emotions, but you have direct and immediate control over it. Role-playing does EXACTLY that. Role-playing games have the tales that never have to come to an end. Role-playing allows the characters to grow the way YOU wish they could.

I used to shy away from people that think role-playing is lame. You don’t like it? Fine, don’t play it. But, you are missing out on some of the finest storytelling out there. You think I’m a dork? Ok, but don’t ask me about the finer points of The Lord of the Rings, you can’t have it both ways. Think I’m a loser? That’s fine too, I’m proud of the “loser” company I’m in: Brian Michael Bendis, Peter David, Joss Whedon, Monte Cooke, and countless others. Anyone with an open mind and a creative heart would be welcome at my table. Except LARP’ers… Those guys are DORKS! 🙂

Want to know more? Just ask… Don’t make me angry though, you don’t want me to have to roll initiative!